Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Also do you want an eGoooott to your family? :fire:


They look a bit freaky


I mean, they both have the same end goal: burn turtles. right?

eat? never seen that. I’ve never really seen them do it on a whim, but like I said, their goal is to expand their species.

I… I don’t think I understand the question…

no u I feel like many things look a bit freaky if you aren’t used to them.


We neither :durtle:


You are just not used to me!! :sob::joy:


What do you think they did to Bipple, Ugly Brodo and Dingleton back at B2?


Still not in, guys? Although it seems there’s been quite a bit of creative not-solving going on…

Well done!

high fives all around


tbh i didnt actually read that, i forgot it existed and only read like the first 5 or 6 passages when we first discovered it. I thought it was nothing but a hint at B4’s password


its a reference to two things! the characters are all the playable female pokemon characters, and the new one is from pokemon sword shield

the entire gag of speaking with a thick scottish accent and no one understanding is referencing the scene with the disney princesses in wreck it ralph 2 where merida talks and no one understands her

sorry for the late reply


there are 8.(3?) durtles one the card… Is this a hint? I don’t think so T_T


What if I told you there were no hints?


I thought it was potentially related to durtles standing on each other’s shoulders to reach the clue. I got nowhere with it.


How are we eGoooooting?


Not good. Checking from time to time if someone has had a new idea. The Portlandia stuff looked promising, but then again, what to do with it?


Also the thing about EtoEto in the anagram looked really suspicious!


I know. But I must say I am a bit discouraged by the sheer volume of possibilities of all combinations if we consider all passwords. Plus, there has been no hint that could be interpreted as ‘look for anagrams’ as far as I know.
Sorry to be the downer here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Maybe we‘ll get a visit at 8000 if we‘re lucky? Keep spamming posting valuable content, folks!


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Spam is life.