Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Hm, interesting. Timer? Does anybody know what the exact episode and time is that Koichi showed up? Maybe if we convert it to hex, we‘ll find a url or something.

Edit: Season 6, episode 10, about 10 seconds in.


Oh you actually did it!:DD Thank you:D


Did anyone else notice that @koichi signed it as Koichi when Koichi is supposed to be dead and hasn’t posted since his barbecuing. He’s supposed to be @koichi-descended now.

So either he slipped up, the real Koichi is still out there and Koichi-descended is an imposter, or it’s not a clue.


Its a bit sad you got this scary as hell card as your prize. Burn it.

(i am kidding burning the card might result in burning your house down)


Might also be a step to the next clue!


Or at least maybe they will finally explicitly tell us to wait if we threaten to burn a house down

(i am kidding of course, adding this in case lol)


We are almost at 8K replies, let’s gun for the hint!


Do you believe in the hint?

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@animexamera thank you for your trust, you are very inspiring


You: Still votes no :frowning:


I only saw the results after voting ;_____; i didn’t dare change it. I didn’t dare


When’s the anime adaptation coming out?


I was more wondering what this was adapted from.

(And also, who’s the girl in the chair? I recognise the rest as being the female player characters of the main-series Pokemon games, but I don’t think I know the one in the chair.)


I think she is the new girl from the pokemon sword/sheild:3



Oh, so this is the Brave edition of Pokemon?


If ya had de chance to change yer starter, wouldja?


So uh, just a question:
Why do we hate/love durtles? They seem like they’re just kind of disturbing turtles. They don’t seem particularly evil (I mean, they burn turtle shells and rarely other life forms) and other than a strange speaking pattern (eGoooott?) They seem relatively okay. Or am I forgetting something major?

EDIT: when i said “and rarely other life forms” I meant they just do it for survival of their species. It’s not inherently a terrible thing.


I think the short answer is that they are against the Great Crabigator? :crabigator:
I joined in B3 so I don’t really know. :woman_shrugging:


Don’t they eat and catch people on fire based on casual whims?