Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


@animexamera’s “that” was referring to your post with the “enter password to ascend” box.



That was just me screwing around with the html of the website.


I’ve been overtaken by real life and not able to read everyday. I just looked now and I think this is the first time I’ve ever not found this thread on the first page of “latest” activity.

At least I didn’t miss anything important. that we know of…


Same exactly haha


Well guys, I’m a failure of a secret agent. Caught a cold, didn’t end up doing much. Perhaps I ought to go burn myself in shame.



It’s almost been 24 hours since the last post! :scream:

But, I think I figured out how to get into Durtle Heaven:tm:

:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_left: :arrow_right: :arrow_left: :arrow_right: :b: :a: start






The prize @MosbyNeko won for finding Koichi in Portlandia


A worthy prize indeed


I told you guys that the find Koichi thing got to be related. fucking knew it!


So now we only need a scan of that picture, also check it in various lights, check for invisible ink and so on, right???


Gotta love the hand of the last durtle hanging on for dear life on the right side there…

NOPE! :hocho:


As far as the postcard goes, I’m afraid there doesn’t seem to be much to it beyond what you can see in the picture I already posted. I haven’t really been paying attention to any of the Descent of the Durtle stuff, though, so maybe you can find something I’m missing?

Here’s the back:

And here’s the card held up to a bright light (much to the confusion of our dog, who watched me standing on a chair to take these):

I even tried heating it with a hair dryer :sweat_smile:, but alas, no hidden message appeared. That unfortunately exhausts all of my training in detecting invisible ink.

I’m ridiculously busy this week, but if you can think of something else you’d like me to try that’s (1) quick and easy (i.e. doesn’t require any special equipment or travel) and (2) won’t result in me burning my house down, I’m happy to do so.


“See you in Durtle Heaven, Space Cowboy” …great, now we have to watch all of Cowboy Bebop in case there are clues…


Space Cowboy…



Perfect. I haven’t seen it yet.


No, we just need to listen to this:

Or this?

Or maybe watch this.


@koichi, did you orchestrate the creation of Cowboy Bebop as a jiddle? You would. I knew I should have payed better attention the, uh, one…yes, one time I watched every Cowboy Bebop episode in one sitting.