Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Yeah but B4 only got solved after this.


Time flies so fast when you’re going mad :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:


I thought we had been more active and passed more since, but I was wrong :rofl:
It quieted down quite a bit I guess =P


Well, there is not much to say. So far, there has been no idea that immediately led somewhere. We have a date, a timer, and possibly some anagrams. Although, with these letters you could just as easily write “Update wanikani” and some stuff with the rest…


Yeah, I have been following the comments, but haven’t had anything to add so mostly stalking. I do like the anagram idea, would be fun if that was the reason behind @eGoooott :wink:


Maybe it’s 10 words (10 capital letters)?
(an anagram isn’t so likely, but it’s fun to think about)


as the flame dies down, you see only a pile of ash where a human, burning himself in an attempt to be durtled, once sat

you think to yourself ‘good riddance, it was hard solving puzzles with that guy screaming in the corner constantly’

i havent thought of anything for the maybe puzzle so im just letting myself die :frowning:


Three days hence a Durtle shall be reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes.


Or possibly thirty days…


3 vs 30
… how 'bout 3.0?



Yea I mentioned this previously. Very curious date indeed.


Maybe on April 1st @koichi will announce Shinzo Abe is starting his new position at Tofugu.


Or soon-to-be-emeritus emperor Akihito.


On Apr 1st the name of the new era will be announced

Well, I suppose this will do for now...



Oh, one other thing; you can actually invite people (WaniKani users) into this thread.

Who to invite, though?


Oh, hey, it works.



The input box doesn’t work. :pensive:


where is that?


Simply press “share”, then click the “send an invite” tab.

Then just enter the username of the person you'd like to invite.