Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


The lady in TMNT 3 is Mitsu. Mitsu means honey. Honey is nectar from heaven. Heaven is the endgoal and… And - brain breaks

Side note about TMNT 3, I used to think Mitsu was saying “schkow, we will both die”, to Lord Norinaga, but now after my studies I realize she was saying “chigau, we will both die…” Studying for 3+ years = worth it.


I’m pretty sure that was the idea with those suits of armour.

It’s kind of interesting just how much untranslated Japanese this film has - and used correctly.


Unfortunately I think the actress playing Mitsu was not Japanese… A little H-wood racism.


I just dont want there to be 24 hours between comments, dont mind me.


There’s not much to talk about right now. We don’t even know what we’re supposed to be looking for, and apparently there aren’t going to be any new clues. Unless something drastically changes, it seems unlikely that this will go anywhere.


I still cant help but think that what a-regular-durtle posted somehow all points to wanikani itself…

  • the whole burning business: burned kanji dont come back
  • let the clues wash over you: reviews appear even if you dont do anything
    i still dont know what to make of this tho :woman_shrugging: i guess rn we’re all pretty much… clueless


I was kinda wondering whether we were making an attempt at three days of complete silence. Guess not, considering someone broke it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is still bugging me, but I can’t for the life of me work out how to turn it into a password. Or even a clue for the next step. I’ve tried Emperor Koichi, Clone Koichi, Emperor Kouichi, Clone Kouichi, こういち, revenge, pain levels, pit, dirt lid table, cookies…

Don’t even know what form it needs to take.


I‘ve tried searching the tofugu and wanikani pages for mentions of „durt“ or „durtle“, but not much turned up. Did you know they call their tofugu shop the „Durtle Black Market“? Searching Wanikani seems to be not possible via Google, as 1) it‘s password protected and 2) all the results are from, as these seem to be counted as same webpage.


You can remove these last results by adding -community behind your search. This excludes all webpages that have the word community on them.


So… Even on 6500 posts, no clue? D:: Are we even supposed to get it, or should we wait for… um, something?


Hm. Nothing to find. (Θ︹Θ)ს


Perhaps it is a vigenere cipher with the key being something from the earlier levels, acend to decend, you know. And “4x as tall” as me could mean repeating the keyword, but I am less sure about that. If anyone has a Linuix, they can try running the image through OutGuess, but I don’t think that will reveal anything.


Like “eGoooott”?


Like eGoooott?

I tried that, but it just became random nonsense. However, I did not try putting the random nonsense in. I also did not repeat it any number of times related to the numbers listed. By repeat it, I mean write eeGGooooooootttt


Now that I think about it, I did not know that eGoooott had two “t” characters. I will have to try it again.


And four Os.


yeah, the Os I had to highlight to count


Well, that was fun. I just liked every post made in this thread between my last post and this one.

There were some entertaining thoughts there but no B4 solving ideas.

I’m wondering if Koichi & Co. have lived to regret their foray into engagement marketing…

I may have just coined a term. ‘Engagement marketing’. Not. as one might think, the latest diamond ad from your local jeweller, but, in fact, a guerilla warfare technique for driving all your clients cuckoo.


I give you all the mandate of turtle heaven.
Some have stacked up Koichis and others have stacked up users.
Know ye not that by turtles only may salvation be bought?
Indulgence is as indulgence does and level 60 is just a number.
Think hard, think long, don’t think at all.
The answer lies in the question.
The question lies in an early grave.
May the turtles be with you.

-Unofficial Turtle Conformity Council on Dogma and Doctrine, July 85, 664 T.B.D.


I was promised a clue onsen.

Verily, we have been forsaken. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.