Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Wait, how come you guys have a plane option? And bicycle too? That’s so unfair!

Edit: scrolled and got an answer.


A Facebook link? I just checked but have nothing.
What’s the link leading to?


If I “inspect element” the B4 page I see a facebook link in there but don’t want to post it and get in trouble.


There is some sort of facebook link in B2 as well, so I doubt it’s part of the riddle. Unless it leads to a webpage?


Also: 15 messages until we (hopefully) get some form of a hint from someone.


Hmmm, oh well. (14 messages).




I bet the clue has something to do with butts. Sidenote: I tried to twist the puddle image around in 3 dimensions, but it still didn’t look like anything besides a squished Dracula face.


I’m only 2 hours away :sunglasses:


Then you go D:<

<html xmlns:og="" 

That facebook url is normal tech plumbing. It’s not dubious in any way. :slight_smile:


I think I’m less invested than Kumi which outweighs how much closer I am


Weird. Coding is weird.


In this case, it looks like it’s declaring namespaces, when you see something named fb:something, the facebook site shows where that thing was defined. It’s a part of XML that i’m not that fond of.


Getting ready to swim across the Pacific Ocean…


I have about as much chance of understanding that as I do Japanese… You heard that correctly.
(My Japanese is 1 step up from garbage).


I thought someone found something, but nope, it’s just spam:DD
I don’t mind though, I don’t see any other way


Long story short, the URL is where your computer looks to find out what a thing is and how to deal with it.


Let’s finish the 6500 with a prayer. Oh please great Koichi, wherever you are. Hear our plea for your guidance. Show us the path to enlightenment. rAmen


or it could be worthless nonsense.