Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Ok, so we need an experienced diver next. Shouldn‘t be so hard to come by, should it?


I’d love to, however…

who needs an “experienced diver” when we have people who can hold their breath and weights?


then it would be rude of me to try to take your place. Anyway you’ll get there first:


Man, that’s so kind of you. However, I have a feeling someone lives closer than the midwest, possibly even somewhere in Oregon?


I can dive 25 meters lengthwise, at least. Is that good enough? Just how experienced are we talking about?


Are you, by chance, 35 meters tall when you have your arms up? If so, you’re perfect

EDIT: haha metric system right


About 60 feet (Google says that‘s 18 m) deep apparently… Feel up for it?


It’s only 3 hours from Home



Just to add to the chorus:


Change the mode to :walking_man: and try again :stuck_out_tongue:


As you wish


why is there no flight options? Do you live in some parallel dimension?


I also get no options whatsoever, so it’s not just they that do in that case


Instead of try again they need a try harder option!


Hey @tombo, can you check on Koichi?


蜻蛉 prefers backyard excursions, but maybe I can find a favorable jet stream?


It makes me sad that Google maps no longer includes directions like “now swim across the Pacific Ocean”.

Since when has Google maps ever given flight options?


Since 2013, but only on desktop for some reason.


Oh, there it is. Completely separate option to the driving instructions.

How have I never noticed that before?


There’s a Facebook link in the B4 page. Is that a normal thing?
Also, does it matter that the Durtle guy on that page is approximately 5.75 inches tall?