Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Oh come on, you know you love it. Weird tangents are where it’s at.


I feel like unless some more plot developments insue, we’re going to go off on weird tangents for a while…


i made this in about 45 seconds and it probably makes no sense but im too tired to check


That means we’re almost back on track!


for a brief moment, then back to nothingness


I think that’s the moment @a-regular-durtle will come around and threaten to burn us all again.

We’ll then immediately proceed in the wrong direction.


“burn… BURN! The clue must be in a kanji relating to fire!”


What else do we burn? A witch!
That exclamation is most famous because of a Monthy Python sketch. Pythons are snakes!
Let’s check kanji with the snake radical!


But if the actual path keeps curving back and forth like that, we’ll keep crossing it even if we just go straight :slight_smile:


Not necessarily. All we can do is hope


I love how @a-regular-durtle said “catching you all on fire” instead of “setting you all on fire”.


Maybe it has some kind of significance…


He also mentions letting the clues “wash” over us. I’m not sure clues are well-known for washing…


relax + wash = :bathtub:


Exactly! Waiting for a clue bath. Or maybe a clue onsen.




On the bright side, if Koichi is unburnt by that time, we will get another obscure hint in 44 posts.


Maybe we should use the onsen/bath water to quench the flames?


The clue is in the tofugu swimming pool, which, at it’s deepest, is 60 feet in depth, specifically for this puzzle.
Who volunteers?


not me!
Since you figured it out, why don’t you go ahead…