Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Now that you mention it… @ditto20, what’s that badge? :eyes: Should we suspect you? :eyes:


Ditto kind of rhymes with durtle if you say them fast enough…
she’s a spy, isn’t she?! :eyes:


What has koichi done, now we’re suspecting each other
This is our doom :scream:


That’s what a spy would say :eyes:


You point fingers too fast, that’s quite the imposter thing to do :eyes:


I am a spy.


I knew it!


That’s what a spy would say :eyes:


Tell us your secrects! D:<<<<


Why are there so many eyeballs looking at each other its creepy :eyes:






To stay on topic a little bit, I noticed that the last post of the Wanikani blog is titled GOODBYE, & THX 4 THE DURTLES and was posted on December 4th.

But it doesn’t have anything special (well, it’s a little blog post…) and I looked for html comment but nothing stood out.




@Kumirei does have some crazy cryptic jazz in her bio…


Ok good ty


That’s a really good point…maybe there should have been.


> Be me
> Wake up in the morning to see more posts in the thread than I’ve seen in a while
> Ooo, maybe they’ve worked something out?
> Or, knowing them, they’ve probably gone off on some weird tangent

> They’ve gone off on some weird tangent.
> Sadface


It was presented to me after confessing my sins and to make sure I wouldn’t cast any hexes on the individual who gave me the badge


Y… you’ve gone off on some weird tangent!