Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


How did you get that number? :thinking:


I’m just judging by the poll in the first post to see how many active people we have.


Ditto, and looking at that page reminded me that I should probably at least pretend that I’m here for the educational content once in a while, and actually read the thing…


Dante’s Inferno.

Which is, technically, a pit.


Oh, I see.
Someone people could just log in from both their phone and computer, and you’re all set, though.


Yeah, I think I suggested that we could do that once, but we’d have to also make 30 of those people do it and they may be busy or not paying attention to the thread anymore.


60-36=14 ukKr5


I just did my lessons and there was Koichi again.

Too bad it does not help much, but at least it shares our feelings.

Oh, if only こういち could save us all!


Yeah, Koichi pops up every time the reading of a kanji is こう. And his grandpa appears when it’s ごう. Issue is, what we need is Koichi mnemonics which have changed recently. Or any mnemonics which have changed recently.


I meant 24…idk what my brain was doing there hahah


In base 7, 60_7 - 36_7 = 15_{10} = 21_7

That’s not close. I should go to bed.


Theeere we go. That’s perfectly eGoooott.


So, Tomato Durtle is back, I’m really not sure if this is connected to the puzzle in any way, or it’s just a server thing


For me the tomato durtle is still gone, so I guess it’s different per user, and therefore irrelevant to the riddle.


I just spend my day off reading through the last ~1000 posts >.<
So if we are 4x a durtle and we have 1 durtle that means:
240-4-1 = 235 ? but 235 what?
I tried all old passwords with and without spaces in between in ascending and descending order. Didn’t work.


The same six you listed are still gone for me as well


Has there been a 3 day gap where nobody has posted anything?


On this thread? No.


Do you think there needs to be?


Don’t know. It’s doubtful as I could never have figured out any of this and so my guesses are probably wildly invalid, especially since “back to the drawing board” and all that, but just thinking out loud. (In type form).


Also, whoa, what’s the deal with the Fallen Durtle badge?