Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


For all I know, Koichi will reincarnate as a yoni egg :egg: Perhaps the relax instructions were literal :man_shrugging:


If we’ve learnt anything from the “clues” we’ve received so far, the non-puzzle is the puzzle.


Pick a side

  • Durthlic Church
  • Koichi

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:ballot_box_with_check: eGoooott


If a poll doesn’t have that option, is it even a poll…?


:ballot_box_with_check: eGoooott


@Borx I see you pandering over there


:ballot_box_with_check: eGoooott


The @eGoooott option?


I just ran the script, but only the 4 already known articles have comments (which haven’t changed)


Honestly, I would be surprised if html comments played a role again. That would be using twice the same thing.
What I find a bit hard about this is, it could litterally be anything. Maybe the password is the url of one of the youtube videos. Or a word they say in minute 60 of the last podcast. Or we have to use the bookcipher on a tofugu page? There are so many possibilities…


I honestly can’t stop coming back to this. What’s a big deep thing that’s sixty levels deep? A pit.


This was a hard poll! D=
But the durtles… I have to obey the durtles


I keep thinking… kanji also don’t re-durtle when we burn them… just like koichi :neutral_face: (unless we redurtle them manually i guess?)


Aye, it does seem to fit quite well. For the record, I‘ve tried ‘Koichi in a pit’, ‘pit’ and ‘dirt table lid’ in various permutations. I‘ve also read the page about the radical ‘dirt’ because of it‘s similarity with ‘Durt’, but nothing seems out of place.


So you’re saying preparing a ritual to re-durtle Koichi manually is the right way to go? Well, I’ll try it regardless of if it is or not! (preparations are in fact already well under way)


More likely than not, this is just random, but, since we were so good at sourcing changes they could purposefully use old info as part of their jiddle :wink:

Not sure if the link works… vocab: 怪しい




36/60 apparently in on B4, yikes.
We need to get 14 more people interested apparently?


Or we just go back to playing the waiting game.

If Koichi goes by the Venusian calendar, he should be resurrecting on January 21st, 2021. At least by my calculations.