Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


I checked all of their innerHTML and none of them contain anything, other than the last one which holds the link to the lobby


That’s not surprising, although they are public keys, and no email etc is revealed through the API, I think they generally want people to keep them to themselves. You can get the info on all levels through them so new people might be less inclined to subscribe.



This is what I was suggesting when I mentioned searching for “easter eggs” - as the puzzle has already been shown to have some hidden messages in the code.


Gah, I should’ve said that the durtles disappeared, I noticed that ~3 days ago (don’t know how it was before and when it changed), but thought my internet was laggy:DD
Not sure what to do next though :thinking:


Trouble is, it seems like “cookies” is a dead end. Ooo, unless…

No. While there’s a number of pages on Tofugu that use the word “cookies”, none of them seem to have anything new about them. That I can spot. Though I confess I didn’t really do an exhaustive check.


I noticed it a while back too, but I thought there were actually less durtles gone then. Maybe that was activated after the 3 days or something?


Or it’s possibly just a server-side bug that has nothing to do with the puzzle.

Maybe we should summon one of the server-side Tofuguys and see if they let anything slip.


I will do that when I get home (in ~10 hours) but I doubt that we find something new.


Perhaps not, but supposedly something has changed.


I don’t know a whole lot about the internet and whatnot, but I noticed that the Durtle images that are missing seem to be using an optimised URL compared to an original URL. Is this the change that they’re referring to?

Take ‘Caught Durtling’ for instance; the source code of the Badges Page refers to the Original URL in the hidden preloaded data:

The thumbnail for the badge links through to the optimised URL:


So possibly one of the tech-types just broke something. :slightly_smiling_face:


Narrator: But he did not rise again…


A couple shots in the dark:
Did anyone suggest that 60 Helpful Durtle badge owners try the entry (doubles to multi entry) ?

Also noticed the new mnemonic for criminal radical has a tall reference


How would they tell the page that they had the badge though? The b4 page doesn’t really appear to check for anything of the sort.


Staff had already acknowledged that the three days had passed.

I’m not going to try too hard to dissuade ya’ll, but it feels like folks are collectively ignoring what I thought were obvious messages to "relax, take a break, the clues will come to you, you don’t have to work at finding them for now. And if I were reading between the lines I’d say that especially in light of the frustration over the last phase of the puzzle, this phase might be undergoing revisions and testing. I mean c’mon, if you have been following along you’ve seen a lot of criticism (some unfair) in the last phase.

On a specific note, I don’t think they’re likely to reuse the same gimmicks from one phase to another so searching HTML comments isn’t the best way to spend our energy. Granted, running a script and looking at the results isn’t hard, I’ve still got the script setup and I’ll run it for ya if you really want. Also, if I was on the creator side of the puzzle, I would be snickering about how some arbitrary HTML comments can lead to excited rounds of speculation. In fact I might be tempted to add comments just to fan some flames.

But if you didn’t read the messages from the durtles and koichi as “Good job, take a break, we’ll be in touch” then by all means go nuts :slight_smile: They want us to solve the puzzle so if we stopped hunting and there were actual clues to find, they’d make the hints more obvious.


That is an excellent question, particularly when signs point toward a collaborative effort. Could they screen the B3 entry into B4 for certain user names?

Edit: Probably not, there is no login whatsoever for


I can tell you that the password isn’t santa claus or chimney… So much for the ho ho ho connection.


No, because even finding several of those people would be literally impossible. I’m still willing to rely on the base assumption that the puzzles are actually solvable.

Yes, except what they consider a clue is either (a) the word “shift”, used in a completely normal sense in a sentence, buried in a post with about a hundred other words, or (b) “No, look, it’s obvious! You’ve worked it out already!” In light of the frustration over the last phase of the puzzle, literally noone here is expecting Koichi to actually rise from the grave and go “here’s an actual clue”.

Mind you, in light of clue-type (a), I find it curious that the Regular Durtle specifically used the word “wash”. “Let the clues wash over you.”


Does hope count?