Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Nah, that was about a year ago. I kind of influenced its existence a little, lollll. Alongside someone else who helped create a fake Cat Durtle badge before Koichi made his own.


I received it just before posting about it.

According to the badge page, it was first given out Feb 2018. So it’s not a new one.


It’s kinda creepy. And while I do notice that people were winning it early last year, I honestly don’t recall seeing it in the list of badges before…


I am very clearly not an active forum person, so I’m not sure if this is normal or when it happened (too busy to read the thread, flat out like a durtle drinking at work today) but the Caught Durtling descriptive text in that thread is different to what it is now.

Ye Olde:

Ye Newe:



This might be useless trivia, but Koichi has only two durtle badges:

Alan Durtshowitz and Slightly Durtverted

Also, I think the most recently added durtles in the list are:
Harbinger of Impending Durtle (Dec. '18)
MacDurtver (Dec. '18)
Alan Durtshowitz (Nov. '18)

But where’s that Ghost of Crabsmas thing? Is that a durtle? It’s not in the badge list…


Invisible badge. You can see it if you check out, say, my list of badges.


Same! omg the durtles are disappearing… this has got to be a clue!
here’s the missing durtles in emoji form just for the hell of it;
:durtle_durtverted_lvl1: (this must be slightly durtverted?)
:durtle_durverted_lvl2:(and this must be somewhat durtverted)

I don’t want them to disappear, they’re so cute!


Hmmmm … I still have all of mine … at least right now


ooo I really thought this was going to be related to a clue somehow. haha, never mind must just be a few peoples browsers.


I rather feel like this is still our best lead, but I’ve still not the foggiest idea how to turn it into a password. Or even into a clue.

Something about cookies?

Sadly, 空気 (the only word that I can think of that kinda sounds like “cookie”) doesn’t have any changes, and 空 (the only kanji on WaniKani which has the reading くう) uses “cooties” as the mnemonic. And doesn’t have any changes anyway.


苦しい - uses cookie in the mnemonic…


Am I looking in the wrong place? All I can see is “crushing”.


May I put forward the idea of using a Necronomicon to bring back Koichi for assistance?



#6348句 uses Cookies in the reading mnemonic also, came up in my lessons yesterday and while my initial reaction was !! it doesn’t seem to help at all.


Necronomnomicon :3


I’ll go get the preparations done


Alright, I think I might have a bit of a lead. Maybe.

Based on the “ascend to descend” thing, I was snooping around the very first page (, and I noticed something that almost lines up with the 240 on B4.

The vast majority of the page is made up of these empty <p> tags so I counted up the number of them in that particular portion of the page and there are 222 as counted using this command in the console.

$$("#block-c2450111165083a1c7bb div p")

You might have to replace the block id for it to work, I’m not sure if it’s dynamic or not.

That along with the fact that you have to scroll (reach) far down that page to get to the link makes it seem to fit fairly well. There’s also a comment near the portion all the tags are in that says:

<!-- nothing to see here, move along -->

Which… might be kind of suspicious.

On the other hand, the number 222 doesn’t really quite match 240 (although it’s close enough to be a strange coincidence), there doesn’t seem to be any “change” caused by our arrival in B4 here, the tags might just be default SquareSpace formatting behavior (it’d be nice if someone could confirm/deny this), and it doesn’t really have anything to do with the shenanigans with Koichi. So I don’t know. Maybe it’s nothing.

I also scanned the other floors briefly to see if there was anything similar, but I didn’t find anything.

What do you guys think?


That’s the only interesting comment on the page. None of the other levels have comments.


All pages have a durtle comment


I almost wonder if it’s worth summoning @matthieuesnault to do another check of the Tofugu pages for any new comments.