Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


I don’t know anything about html head or even why is changes (I’m not a programmer is the least). Here is another screenshot from earlier. Just curious is why this would show up if we are inspecting pages. Are we manipulating it?


The last time I didn’t have reviews was years ago!

Don’t any of you know who I am?



I got a love durtle last valentines day :thinking:


Are durtles badges given out manually?


Yes, one of the admins gives them out. At least for the durtle ones. The Discourse badges are automatic though, things like “good reply”, etc.


Oh hey. Just got this from the WK Wednesday thread. Coolios.


Yay! Me too! high fives


Ah, yes. This thread :smiley:


While doing my reviews (yes, I was actually doing them, I was just multitasking) I unearthed this from a thread a while back.

EDIT: Just noticed it was linked two posts above me sad face



A couple more and we can get a flock going


What would you call a group of Durtles?
A durt? or is that what an eGoooott is?


Only, if you look at where people got the “Caught Durtling” badge, none of them were in this thread.


Exactly which elements are tracking this page? Where are you getting these screenshots of HTML from?


Can confirm. Durtles are missing.


Is this the Tokyo metro subway map?


Gone to Durtle Heaven?


The screenshots I posted earlier were from a Chrome browser from the Caught Durtling badge…I can’t reproduce it.


All durtles go to [durtle] heaven


Do you or @glias know when ‘Durtcat’ became a badge? Was it very recently? If it was, I’m inclined to think that the missing durtles are just an accident that happened when they added another durtle.