Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


I don’t think it’s solved yet, but much closer. The problem is that it skips a step (probably).



Then we skip a step. It feels kind of bullshit that we’ve all been working on this together and now there are people that are working on the real mystery and likely to see the end with the rest of us in the dark.


All you need to know to catch up is in this thread. I think people are just trying to be courteous by not posting progress past the skipped step.

Spoiler starting point. Don't proceed if you want to do every step in order

Descent of the Durtle into Madness


That’s what’s bullshit. We’re all working on this together. Or were. Now there’s people who know something and aren’t talking.


It appears it was edited out.


Click the edits button.


Basically, @matthieuesnault managed to use brute force to possibly bypass the puzzle altogether. And while I do know we’re at a standstill here, I honestly feel it’s more in the spirit of things to actually solve the puzzle. We don’t know anything per se, we just suspect we’ve arrived at the next clue. Or it could be the clue after, who knows?

Maybe @a-regular-durtle can come back early and let us know if we’ve strayed from the path of the righteous?


Possibly, but I think I may have 3 of the 4 keywords. I’m currently looking for the 4th.
But if I post what I’ve learned, I at least want to respect the people above that decided they didn’t want to read spoilers.


That’s exactly what I mean. Might as well be open about it here so we’re all working on the same puzzle, even if it isn’t the one intended.

Or start a new thread to keep it fun for those who want to do it as originally intended. To me, the goal is to get to the end, whatever devious ways get used. Reverse engineering the clues is just as fun.



So is this thread dead now? Hopefully the durtles do math and give us a cumulative count.

*Wait, durtle replying on spoiler thread!


I’m personally anxious to solve this step still. But I’m going to work the post-spoiler content first.


From the spoiler thread (but not actually a spoiler):


Guess we may as well un-schism?


I wouldn’t… some people above said they wanted to solve the steps in order.


:triumph: phew, a day’s worth of dishes and an unanticipated but important phone call later…

…and I think I’m going to go ahead and read the spoilers and edits, since it sounds like it’s still not completely solved.

Thank you @matthieuesnault, @Belthazar, and others for both sharing the information and keeping it hidden to respect people’s sense of independence.

Here goes!


I still want to solve the steps in order, but my desire to work with people on making progress outweighs that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d agree. And @ctmf I think everyone is acting in good faith. But I appreciate how invested you are in the process. I haven’t read the spoiler information, but also might as well carry forward with it is what I’m thinking. I really feel like everyone earlier this afternoon was acting out of an abundance of caution to avoid what might be considered a spoiler by some. I agree with your rationale, if we found information sooner than we were meant to, then whatever. The organizers could have structured it such that we wouldn’t have stumbled on it, no big deal. I know before I walked away from the thread – having just come back – my thinking was that anyone that wants to know can click on the blurred out portions and read the comment history as needed. I think it’s just a bit of a misunderstanding that hopefully can be cleared up. Personally, I would hate to see you get disenchanted as a result.


Nah, I’m good now that there’s a separate thread. That was a good solution.


So, a recap of the situation, because it wasn’t clear.

I used a script to search for html comments that might have a link to the riddle.
I found 3 other Tofugu articles, with one saying “Almost there” with a Book cipher clue.
This means that we might be able to skip some part (small? large?) of the riddle if we only solve this last step, which might ruin some part of the experience for people looking to do it step by step.

The explanation of what I did is in the post 4394:

So by discussing with @Belthazar we decided to edit it out, forget it and let everyone do it as it was intended.
Sorry @ctmf and others if you felt left out, it wasn’t the purpose, I was just going to leave it alone and focus on step 2.

A new thread has been created since people want to focus on the book cipher now:
(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness

@a-regular-durtle made its apparition in this thread to approve:

So since it’s approved now, I restored my post to an explanation, but keeping it with a spoiler if people still want to ignore it. :slight_smile: