Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Spoilery, eh?


Basically, he found another clue, but we both feel he did so by bypassing the puzzle, which is not the intent of this game, so we’re gonna pretend we didn’t see anything until we reach that point by legitimate means.


Right, I was trying to stay consistent with your attempts to mask that by pointing out another instance that seems like something that gives away the information. I mean it has definitely changed what I’m doing, and I can’t unsee it. Myself and others have mentioned the durtle emote in the prayer kanji and that has the reading of き so as soon as I saw “き word” I knew there was a connection.


Wait… what is going on???


Nothing. You saw nothing.

Just weird alphanumeric codes.


ok… I didn’t see much… but the clue say start from death… which are between level 20 and 30 right? This article in Tofugu talks about what to do at that point…


doesn’t even know how to view those comments anyway


Could you unblur the link please? I can’t click on it.


Is that actually where we’re supposed to go? I do kinda feel like we need to solve the puzzle we’ve already got. Or is it possible that we were always intended to make that logic leap, and this page includes the key for the current puzzle?


hey guys how’s it goin’




Didn’t somebody said that 天国へ行きたかったら死から開始。is a weird way to said it?

Maybe it means “when you reach Death, what do you start?” Grammar… and you end on those 3 articles. And that helps to decrypt the AABQ…


The thing is, I don’t think they’re taking liberties with language in this case. I think they deliberately chose the word to mean precisely what they intend it to mean, as a clue.

Now, what’s all this about a spoiler? Does it directly solve the clue, or just lead to another step? If the latter, it’s not really cheating in my book.


I’m thinking it solves it. I think I’ve got 3 of the 4 words.


Wow. Well, you know what, we’d probably be weeks and weeks at this otherwise…


What’s going on here?! Something exciting?! :astonished:
I go away, come back at post 4395, but I haven’t read any edits or spoilers yet…
But I really have to wash the dishes before I can sit down and chew on the puzzle :tired_face:


If you’ve reached 4395, you’ve probably seen everything significant that’s been posted. I don’t think anyone that’s pursuing the spoiler is posting.


LOL, did they continuously play the movies Clue and Matrix in english class too? It’s all a product of the US education system!

Seriously, I thought “descendence” matched the meaning “the act of descending” and I didn’t read into a double meaning. Unless durtle is a typo for turtle, the english sounded fine to me. It is supposed to be fun and whimsical so I would expect some liberties, right?


Disagree with this thinking , if you know something, tell us what it is and how you found it. If it’s a mistake that’s fine, but we should all be playing with the same information. It’s not your fault you found it. Hell, you might have even been meant to.


Have you solved the puzzle and found the passwords or not? I’m not wasting my time doing busy work if it’s already solved.