Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


How do you do half width kana on a Japanese keyboard? Maybe that’s the hint…

That or there’s something in the source code

Edit; there was, thanks @Omun


Since Omun found the comment in the source code of that page near the external links, I went ahead and read them as other people were suggesting. Now I’m nearly convinced that we have to abandon the Japanese keyboard idea. Maybe it was just coincidence that at the top of the first page, in red letters, it said, “Japanese keyboard is NOT necessary,” but everything is about using an IME instead of a Japanese keyboard.

Although, I currently don’t have any ideas to try instead, so if you do, don’t let me discourage you. With enough people attacking this from different angles, we’re bound to get somewhere eventually.


On this keyboard, it’s the key in the top-left corner. Pretty sure on my keyboard it’s an IME setting, though.

Not completely sure I understand what’s hinting at half-width kana, though. Or how it’s supposed to help.


The matrix rain was mirrored half width kana. I was just citing a possibility if it is indeed a hint, though I’m currently operating under the assumption that we need to simplify things and treat this as an entirely new puzzle as all previous solutions have been rather straight-ish forward.

If I want to go to heaven I will start from death .

  1. ??
  2. ??
  3. ??
  4. ??

Caution! Space is also required.

On to the next clue…

So looking at the journey from death to heaven, I would immediately assume are し(4) and てん(10) though there is no 10 key on a keyboard :s so not sure where to take that


Oh, right. I was referring to the fact that checkerboard ciphers look kinda like matrices. :stuck_out_tongue:


Too busy working to play with the puzzle… but I’m with y’all in spirit.

(And now we’re one post closer to 4500 :grin:)


Well, I think my idea generator has finally run out. Not that any of mine were any use, so far.

Off to give it all a think.

Bloody Durtles.


Okay how about this: “physical descendants” as a reference to Romans-9:8

Supporting hints:

I suppose Rome wasn’t built in a day,

Please, I implore you all to move away from this evil! If it is not Durthlicism that calls out to you, then some other fine Durtle religion, such as Judurtlaism, Durtlislam, or even… dare I say it… Durtientology would be better than this… this… witchcraftery!

and numerous other religious references:

The Durthlic Church has descended further. Long live the Durtle Pope! Long live the Big Durt!

etc. Roman’s is pretty much the main hit when googling “physical descendants” and this commentary goes a step further and discusses the difference between the physical and spiritual decendents.


It also makes me think of this though…

I haven’t seen it (saw the first with my sis though)
And there is a third movie coming this year…

Since so many of the hints have been movies, I’m very confident this is… not connected :rofl:


I keep checking stuff…

Most of the Keys in

are in the first row of the keyboard.

Only 3 in the last one: C, B and M (the 3 of them over the Space Bar)


Did any anyone share this yet? Here is the link with the date 3/7/17 but I don’t see anything important.


Continuing on the religious theme and decendents, there is also this:

Which references (last

Jesus’s decedents in Japan!


It‘s been around for a long time. And the last edit was in March 2017, so probably not important, sadly.


According to the wayback machine the external site linked from the tofugu site was updated Jan 4, 2019. Haven’t spotted what has changed.


what external link?


This simultaneously worries me and reassures me. If they’re all in the top row(s) that probably means the solution requires shifting them down some keys if that is indeed part of the solution as it spreads them further out across the keyboard.

However, if all of the keys are in the same row, then it’s more likely any cipher we try will be jibberish as all the resulting keys will also be in the same row, unless we have some sort of (if) condition to keep them distributed vertically as well…

Is there any sort of cipher or input method that can map the characters to other keys depending on a condition, or a variable such as the surrounding characters? So for example the A in line one would map to a different key than the A in line 4 based on context?


but the text says ‘physical descendence’, not ‘descendants’ and they do not mean the same thing:




variants: or less commonly descendence -​ndən(t)s \

plural -s

Definition of descendance

1 : descent from a particular ancestor

2 : derivation from predecessors




de·​scen·​dant | \di-ˈsen-dənt \

variants: or less commonly descendent

Definition of descendant

(Entry 1 of 2)

1 : moving or directed downwardlisted in descendant order

2 : proceeding from an ancestor or source



variants: or less commonly descendent

Definition of descendant (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : one originating or coming from an ancestral stock or source : one descendedfrom anotherdescendants of King Davida descendant of an ancient grass

2 : one deriving directly from a precursor or prototypeItalian and other descendants of Latin


I’m so out of ideas, that I have to go do reviews…:frowning:

and maybe even lessons.

Perhaps I’ll finally leave level 7. :slight_smile:


While I do like your logic here, I rather feel that’s a coincidence.


I have no indication that there is a change, but is the turtle that people are pointing at really a coincidence?