Depictions of the almighty Crabigator

I just go my DALL-E invite, and here are a couple of it’s depictions of the crabigator:

I also used Midjourney a couple of weeks back and got these:

I’m curious which is people’s favorite.


Wow, those are incredible :flushed:


The albino crabigator is the most eye catching and descriptive for sure, but the handpainted look of the last two look really cool. Hard to tell precisely what #3 and #4 are other than some reptilian creature lurking in murky waters, but it really sets the habitat of where a crabigator would live instead. Maybe we can barely distinguish it because the crabigator hunts in ambush, camouflaging itself with the drab hues of the swamp, prowling in the water to catch unsuspecting prey between its claws…


I feel like the first two are more on brand with WaniKani. More cartoony.

The other two are cool, but sorta fit into a different context.


that fourth image is the stuff of nightmares

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The last one. It looks like a Magic: The Gathering card image.

Actually Wizards of the Coast could use AI to generate new art.


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