Denji’s Study Log

I hope this is the right place to post this in, but I thought I’d make a study log so I can be held accountable.
Alright, so I started my Japanese learning journey probably in early December of 2020, so I’m still a newbie. In my introduction I addressed my attempt to learn it a few years ago through an honestly pitiful run-through of Duolingo (if you could even call it that). But my interest was reignited sometime last summer and I decided this time I would do it right. This led me into a state of analysis paralysis for a good few months, but I finally made a decision on Japanese Uncovered just to start out, which I got in December 1.
Once I learned hiragana (somehow I did it through exposure and didn’t consciously memorize anything) I knew I needed to learn katakana. So I used the Tofugu mnemonics and stumbled upon the pronunciation. That helped massively with learning how to make the sounds accurately, so if any of you haven’t checked it out I recommend it.
At about the same time, I started WaniKani, and I hesitated a little bit when subscribing because I had just bought a pretty expensive course, but I knew I had to have it so I ended up getting it. Now I’m on level 14 and sticking to my goal of reaching level 60 next spring with everyone climbing Tokyo Skytree.
I know I’m gonna need more help with grammar after I finish Japanese Uncovered, so my friend and I decided to start Bunpro (thankfully it’s not expemsive) when they’re ready.
My plan is to do 1 chapter of Japanese Uncovered a week because I’ve been slacking off lately, and of course WaniKani. I want to update once or twice a week and I’ll give updates on the shows I’m watching and the songs I’m listening too. I hope this Study Log will help all of you and me stay accountable, and thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing your progress too!
P.S. Feel free to reply and tell me about your experiences too.


So this week I got a good amount done on WaniKani, almost at level 15. I’ve been binging My Hero Academia and I’m recognizing a lot of words and a couple grammar points. I didn’t get much of Japanese Uncovered done yet though, but I’m hoping to do that this week. I think I’ll just do these updates every Thursday instead of trying to sometimes do them twice a week.

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