Demote the incorrect answered term as well


No, I don’t see why they should be. You can, though, do this manually yourself if that’s what you want to do when you put in the wrong answer to a review. I don’t see why this should be forced on to everyone.

Also, you mention about similar looking kanji but what if for 半 I actually typed in the answer for something isn’t visually similar? Is the system then going to demote anything that isn’t visually similar but has a similar meaning or reading? It seems odd that you would want this to only happen to visually-similar kanji when I’ve sometimes, due to rushing, have typed in either the reading or meaning of something that is not similar looking. Your idea would have far more wide-reaching implications then I think you expect.


I think as indicated by others subjectively similar would be more difficult. That’s why I’d rely on the defined similar Kanji that already exists.


There is no defined similar kanji. It’s all subjective.


By whose definition of similar? And why only for those that are similar by this definition? Beyond that, I still don’t understand the point of this request to begin with and why I as a user would want this enforced on me.

You all have really good points...

On one hand, I can totally relate to mixing up two kanji, and wishing that they would show up together the next time around. On the other hand, I definitely understand the concern that such a feature would be too far-reaching, too subjectively-defined, and could deter users.

I think @Shadkat’s dream script up above is a pretty clever approach to this problem, although I think it might be more straightforward to demote a kanji’s buddy upon an incorrect reply, but allow them to level up separately.

I think the core of the problem here, though, is answering a WaniKani item incorrectly in a context outside of the WaniKani review for that item.

I've certainly done that...

For me, this comes up when I get an item wrong in extra reading, or when I’m in a WaniKani lesson and I incorrectly anticipate a reading, or even when I confuse one kanji for another.

It seems like the solution that we’ve been suggesting is to intentionally answer an item incorrectly the next time, which I have also certainly done! Of course, the obvious disadvantage is that you have to wait for the item to come up in the reviews again.

Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have a “demote” button right on the WaniKani page for a given item. That way, I could click the button anytime, and WaniKani would mark it as if I got it wrong in the review. I think that would solve this, and many other gripes without getting in the way too much.

I dunno, is there already a script like that maybe? What do you guys think?