Delete a kana sends you to end of word

If I make a mistake in one of the first kana in a long expression, I then go back and delete the wrong one and write the correct one. Then I’m bound to make mistakes because of a strange feature. The cursor moving by itself to the end of the line.

Eg. I type いせんじゅういちねん instead of にせんじゅういちねん
I then go back, delete い and type in に
Now it looks like this: せんじゅういちねんに because when I hit delete, the cursor automatically moves to the end of the word/meaning. Oh bother!


I also have this problem. It’s the same for adding characters. Not sure why this happens or whether everyone is affected, but it’s very annoying. I usually just retype the entire word since it’s quicker.

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I believe this has already been fixed in wanakana (the library WaniKani uses for kana conversion), but WaniKani is still using an old version.

Test in the input here to verify:

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I have the same problem on bunpro tho

It was fixed shortly after Bunpro was created and they haven’t updated either.

Yes it works perfectly in Wanakana, but I can’t do my lessons there :wink:
I think I’ll just go with UntitledName’s solution of always deleting all the kana.

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