Delayed revision

Hi there, i haven’t been doing my revision for days and its accumulated nearly reaching 400 which is really daunting :pensive: any tips please to get over done with.

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In general when you rack up a backlog it’s recommended that you split it up into smaller pieces. You don’t have to do them all right away if you don’t want to. Set a goal to do x number of reviews every day, and stick to it until you catch up.


Whenever I fall behind like that I stop doing lessons and then focus on at least doing more reviews each day than are coming up the next day. I had around 330 reviews a few days ago, and I’m currently at 160 reviews remaining. I have around 40-50 new reviews coming up each day, so I aim to do between 50 and 100 reviews per day:)

Good luck :+1:


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