Deciphering a Japanese Apple ad

Apple are opening a new store in Tokyo, and this is the ad they’ve put up. I know the second kanji is 宿, but I can’t figure out the first.

On another note, is this bad design or is this one of those “you have to have been studying or living in Japan for 5 years to understand” kind of dealies?

It’s 新宿 because that’s where the store is.

Also yes, this is shitty design.


Ah, dang… I could’ve figured that out. Especially when I got the pic from an article where it says right there they’re opening a store in Shinjuku.

I think it’s a pretty nice design actually :hugs:
They’re using some of the architecture to spell it out.

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haha, I thought this was a joke at first - like the first “kanji” was actually the apple symbol. =.=

i’m not sure that I would have been able to guess either kanji =P

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