December 10 2021 Content Updates


(45) - added けい and きょう as non-primary on’yomi.

(6) - added “song” to allow list.

(17) - added “seal” to the block list.

(29) - added じょう as an on’yomi reading.


隠れる (27) - added “to be hindered” to block list.

水色 (5) - added “pale blue,” “pale blue color,” and “pale blue colour” to allow list.

縄跳び (39) - added “skipping rope” to meanings.

第一 (12) - added “number two” to block list.

潜伏 (55) - added “concealment” and “hide” to allow list.​​

謙虚 (39) - added “immodest” to the block list.

励ます (26) - added “to be encouraged” to block list.

人脈 (31) - added “personal network” to allow list.

銃殺 (39) - added “shooting death” to allow list.

自立 (5) - fixed typo in patterns of use.

走る (5) - fixed typo in patterns of use.

交ぜる (5) - moved “to mix” to allow list and added “to shuffle something”, “to shuffle”, “to blend something” and “to blend” to allow list.

免れる (39) - added “to escape something” as primary meaning, added “to avoid something” as alternative meaning, moved “to escape from” and “to avoid” to allow list, added “to escape from something” and “to escape” to allow list, and added two context sentences.

(4) - updated meaning explanation.

番号 (8) - updated meaning explanation.

屈む (27) - added “intransitive verb” to word types, made “to bend down” primary meaning, moved “to stoop”, “to bend forward”, and “to bend over” to allow list, added “to lean forward”, “to lean down”, “to stoop down” and “to squat” to allow list, and added two context sentences.

Vocabulary Additions

  • Level 6: 出社 (しゅっしゃ) - going to the office
  • Level 29: 任す (まかす) - to entrust something
  • Level 30: 豚骨ラーメン (とんこつらーめん) - tonkotsu ramen
  • Level 33: 居候 (いそうろう) - freeloader
  • Level 36: 怪我 (けが) - injury
  • Level 45: 仕える (つかえる) - to serve

Common Word Combinations

We added Common Word Combinations to all the vocabulary in Levels 1 through 5. More details here.


Thank you, Jenny!


Thank you, Jenny! :grin:

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nom noms the new lessons


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Jenny! (And RachelG and the rest of the staff!)

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The patterns of use context section for levels 1-5 is really neat! I know that’s not the focus of this post, but it was cool to see when I looked at the relevant vocab words.


Bah, why do lessons when they won’t add words that really matter, like 馬大頭, 啄木鳥, or 絡新婦.

That was a joke.

Well, actually, 馬大頭 is made entirely of WK kanji, so…
絡新婦 too, now that I think about it!


It would be the end of me if I looked this up on the internet :skull_and_crossbones:



No need to look them up when they want to move into my building :skull::sob:


While the word is spider-related, JMdict is wrong :sweat_smile:
Their first definition corresponds to 女郎蜘蛛 (same reading, to be fair).
絡新婦 is a spider youkai that can take the appearance of a beautiful woman to lure its preys. If you google image search it, you get a ton of barely SFW anime girl with massive breasts (I guess that’s their definition of beautiful) and vaguely spider-related clothing or background.
(There are also scarier images, though)
If you look up 女郎蜘蛛, though, well, you get the actual spider.


All words matter, stop hurting their feelings! B-Baka!


I think 海豚 matters more tho. fite me.
I like 水母 too.


Those additions are so welcome! Here’s hoping the expansions continue on into the 未来!

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現金 would be useful!

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