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Selectable, copy-pastable text, I guess? (I don’t have any particular resources in mind at the moment though. I wonder if NHK for School has high school level stuff that isn’t hard to understand. I think that would be a good balance between being intellectually stimulating and not too advanced for Japanese learners.)

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I was already thinking, maybe it would be a good idea to read a Wikipedia article about certain subjects, e.g. basic calculus or the like?
(Having said that, I haven’t looked at the quality of the maths articles on Japanese wikipedia, but at least the German and English ones are usually amazingly good and detailed.)


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I like that idea! From the few I’ve looked at so far, they seem to be on a similar level as German/English ones


I think we could also go through some short vocabulary lessons, like these ones: Maths in Japanese - YouTube He also goes through a high school admission exam, which might be interesting. Now the math itself is simple, but it could be a good intro.


That sounds really nice. I feel that reading books without hearing it might ‘cement’ bad pronunciation. It has Japanese CC (not only generated). So it would be win win.

Reading a wiki sounds also good. Would be fun to refresh my memory on basic combinatorics or probability…

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I like the different ideas as well and I am thinking if we might can combine them…

I looked into the first couple of videos and I agree, they might provide a nice vocab introduction. They do have Japanese subtitles so we could do a combination of listening practice and “reading” the Japanese subtitles.

So far they cover four different parts

  • Basic terms and classification of numbers
  • basic geometry terms
  • basic statistical terms and data visualization
  • basic algebra terms

Thanks for looking into it. I like the idea of reading some WP article.

How about the following: One week we start with going through some of the videos from the recommended “math in Japanese” YT channel (those that belong to the same part) and the following week(s) read up on some related topics in the Japanese WP?

→ The video gives us some basic overview / reminder of some needed vocab items
→ The WP article gives some more in-depth information on the topic itself

I’m not really familiar with NHK for School (yet) but I took a brief look into it earlier today. Looks like the videos are more into applying math to situations / tasks in everyday life.

Again, maybe we can find videos over there that are (somehow) related to one of the WP articles we are reading and then go through the video afterwards.

Could be something like the following:

  • first week: go through one of the parts on the YT channel
  • second (- nth) week: read interesting article(s) on WP
  • n+1st week: go through so examples to apply the previous learned stuff, e.g. video(s) from NHK school or link it to some CS related topics or…
  • in case we like it: repeat but with different topic

Does this make sense? Would you be interested?

Thanks. We can decide depending how you and others will be available as well :slight_smile:

Feel free to join us. I’m quite confident practicing won’t make it worse :upside_down_face:

Should we setup a poll (or decide in any other way) what to continue with.
Even at a slow pace it would be nice to increase knowledge in math/CS japanese vocab. As they say in japan 継続は力なり :slight_smile:


Sure. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll start with a Poll for starting date. And maybe later or tomorrow I can create a Poll with the content-wise options we’ve been discussing. Or in case one of you like to create the other Poll feel free to do so :slight_smile:

When to start with next math related readings?
  • June 16th
  • June 23rd
  • June 30th
  • Just here for polling… please ignore my votes

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The poll auto-closes next Monday. In case multiple starting dates are fine with you feel free to click them all. In case you don’t want to read but still want to poll please mark the respective option :innocent:

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Here is a proposal for some math related readings:

Week Material
01 Maths in Japanese - Chapters “Math 1.1 - 1.4”
02 自然数 (Japanese Wikipedia article)
03 Maths in Japanese - Chapters “Math 2.1 - 2.2”
04 三角関数 (Japanese Wikipedia article)
05 Maths in Japanese - Chapters “Math 3.1 - 3.2”
06 正規分布⁺ (Japanese Wikipedia article)
07 Maths in Japanese - Chapters “Math 4.1”
08 ベクトル空間 (Japanese Wikipedia article)
09 Bonus: 複素数 (Japanese Wikipedia article)

⁺marked as “citation needed” → I still think it would be a nice fit

As for the Wikipedia articles: some of them tend to be quite long. My suggestion would be to either split them up or only read parts of them. For example: vector space: only read the introduction + definition + some examples sections… or something like that.

I’d like to finish with the article about complex numbers (or parts of it) as it gives us a smooth transition into some CS related topics. But it also depends a little bit on what we decide for going afterwards… :slight_smile:

And finally the Poll but feel free to discuss the proposed schedule first (it has no automatic closing date).

Math reading proposal
  • 1: I’m in and the schedule sounds good to me
  • 2: I’m in but I’d like to split the Wp articles into multiple weeks or only read parts of them
  • 3: I’m in but I’d like to read other (Wp) articles → see my suggestions → in case I did not make any my vote is equivalent to option 1
  • 4: I’m skipping this one
  • 5: Ignore me … I’m just clicking a poll every time I see one :upside_down:

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Yeah, the wp articles look scary. I would probably spend a fixed amount of time on
that week on it(like an hour or two), stop and wait for the next week’s content.

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Thanks for sharing. In case the majority goes with option 1 we can still make recommendations which parts to prioritize. So people who only have time to read part of the Wp article can focus on these parts.

And to be open from the beginning that’s probably what I will end up doing since the Wp article look quite a bit over my level kanji vise. Don’t want to stop others from reading the full article, though :slight_smile:

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I voted for option 1 but I’d be totally fine with splitting the articles into several parts


Thanks for the feedback.

It looks like five durtles are fine with starting end of the month.
@Jonapedia , @Insight senpai: would you be in joining us with the proposed math related schedule in case we start June 30th?
And @NicoleRauch senpai would you be interested in reading with us as well?

As for the Wp articles: it looks like the feelings are mixed. So in case it is okay with you to keep things a little bit flexible we could simply try out how the first article goes. So everyone who would like to (try to) read the full article can do that and everyone who would like to read only parts of it can do that. We can then discuss how it went for everyone → whether to actually split up the Wp articles and spend more than one week on them or not.

At least for the article about natural numbers I have a rough idea which parts to suggest for prioritization… of course it is open for discussion though :slight_smile:

  • I’d like to suggest to prioritize the definition section. Especially the parts
    • 加法と乗法 → terms like multiplication, distribution law or commutative law …
    • 順序 → ordering
    • 除法 → division

I think those vocab items can be useful in other math context as well.

Another option would be to prioritize the introduction + 記法 parts which focuses a little bit more on natural numbers themselves, I guess.

I will be joining most likely whenever the Beginner book club ends on Nichijou (which I think is about June 27th but not sure).

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Does that mean that you are planning to skip the toilet bound 'ghost' manga?

I’ll probably join in about a week late at the earliest: my last exams are on 7 July. That aside, I’ll need to consider if maths are the first area of Japanese I want to work on once I’m free to study it. I’ll definitely need to learn these words at some point, but I haven’t decided when. I’ll certainly drop by the discussion threads though.

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Thanks for checking back with me! I am too busy reading other stuff at the moment, so I will not be a regular participant (but maybe I’ll read the article about natural numbers with you).

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Most likely.

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Thanks for sharing everyone.

Let’s go with June 30th then. It gives us a little bit time to set up the reading thread and maybe also advertising it again in the beginner book club.

Since some of you are already good to go how about we go through one more of the entrance exams exercises during waiting time? I remember we started a thread before reading the CS book… :slight_smile: