Debate on... Math and Computer Science [Home Thread]

I’ll probably join in about a week late at the earliest: my last exams are on 7 July. That aside, I’ll need to consider if maths are the first area of Japanese I want to work on once I’m free to study it. I’ll definitely need to learn these words at some point, but I haven’t decided when. I’ll certainly drop by the discussion threads though.

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Thanks for checking back with me! I am too busy reading other stuff at the moment, so I will not be a regular participant (but maybe I’ll read the article about natural numbers with you).

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Most likely.

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Thanks for sharing everyone.

Let’s go with June 30th then. It gives us a little bit time to set up the reading thread and maybe also advertising it again in the beginner book club.

Since some of you are already good to go how about we go through one more of the entrance exams exercises during waiting time? I remember we started a thread before reading the CS book… :slight_smile:


Not sure if this channel was shared already, but I watched his 国語 videos and they were great. He also has a lot of math videos, so maybe it might be interesting for you too :grin:
This is one of his playlists, for example: 【中1 数学】中1-1 正の数・負の数①(自然数・整数) - YouTube


Tomorrow we will start the new reading sessions and I’m super exited about them. Thanks again at everyone voting or expressing their thoughts via post.

I closed the poll now and we have a more or less balanced opinion on whether to split the Wikipedia articles or not. Therefore, as already mentioned, I’d like to go with not splitting the articles into multiple sessions but to make recommendations to read parts of the articles only. I hope, this will be a good compromise for all of us :slight_smile:

Some durtles already mentioned the upcoming JLPT this weekend or other stuff that might keep them busy the next couple of days. Everyone is absolutely welcome to join in later or only join for the discussions. Whatever is comfortable for you.

Thanks for sharing this one. I finally got some time to actually look into their channel. I definitely like the way they build up their lessons. Nice combination of introducing new terms and quizzing on them.


Loved this video, thought I would share


I had also watched this one and I was pretty surprised Brownian motion and Benford’s Law popping up.

Number theory as a whole has simple statements that are hard to proof (or disproof) such as Fermat’s Last Theorem. I watched the related documentary in our history of mathematics course and those were very peculiar characters to say the least lol.


I just came here to post this video too! Really cool stuff!


@Pep95 I also liked these vids. Not sure if it fits with this thread tho.


Oh I love this guy. He has a lot of great videos, and also sometimes guest stars on numberphile


Thanks for sharing. … seems to be an interesting channel.

Thanks for sharing them as well. Question 7.2 in the current book club is taken from the paper :blush:

I also edited in a reference to this post over there. I admit though the links are kind of well hidden behind some detail tags…

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When you’re watching Love Live and there’s a classroom scene where the teacher is talking about complex numbers in the background

(Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that in my idol anime!)


Randomly resurrecting this thread because I saw the University of Tokyo post about a new Japanese learning course focusing on science and technology:

I figured it might interest a few people. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that one :slight_smile:

As it has just started, anybody interested in joining the proposed lecture series?

Let’s Read Learning Japanese through Science & Technology
  • Count me in. I am following the lecture series.
  • I’m not following, but you can count me in for the discussions.
  • Sorry, I’ll pass on this one.

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I also would like to thank @seanblue, @NicoleRauch, @DIO-Berry senpai for moving this bookclubs threads to the new “Book Clubs” section here in the forums. I really appreciate your help.

And to stimulate this threads resurrection even further: anybody interested in going through this springs IBM quantum challenge? The notebooks are translated into Japanese (~intermediate / advanced level) and the exercises are centered around the Many-body problem - Wikipedia.

IBM Quantum Spring Challenge 2022
  • I’m interested
  • Nope, I’m not interested

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And in case you are a lost POLL-durtle on it’s mission to click on every poll within this community:

POLL-durtle here… :durtle_hello:
  • … Why didn’t you include an option for POLL-durtles in your previous polls? :pleading_face:

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To be perfectly honest, I have both the JLPT N1 and several uni exams to study for, so I’m not 100% sure I’ll join in, but I’ll try. It might still be good practice for me (depending on which words are chosen), and since it’s on Coursera, I know I’ll have a lot more latitude as to when I want to study without losing access to the course content.

EDIT: Honestly, yeah, it does look like good practice, at least for technical vocabulary, especially if I turn off subtitles and only check the transcription when I need it. To make it really challenging, I might need to up the playback speed, but even so, seems like a decent resource. Might be good for breaks.


I was planning to check it out over the summer anyways so I’m interested, but I’m also pretty busy with exams and JLPT prep right now so there’s no way I can get started with it this month.


That makes two of us, it seems! :slight_smile: All the best!


You too! :grin: