Death Note | Week 4 Discussion

How much is How To Use Death Note written in the Death Note itself? Can I presume that How To Use It III (at the end of this chapter) isn’t really written inside the real Death Note?

Otherwise, Ryuk doesn’t have to warn Light about the Note being touched at all.


The rules written in the original Death Note fits one page total. They’re shown on page 12.


Ah, it’s supposed in to be just inside of the front cover. Not sure about the back cover, but there aren’t usually many insert black pages (or none at all), should it? The actual paper should be white. (Another issue is how many pages, or would Ryuk bring additional pages if the pages run out?)

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Are you asking in general how many pages the Death Note is?

Basically, Ryuk says in their first meeting, that he has to follow around the Death Note user until either he dies or the Death Note is finished, something along those lines. I assumed that meant there’s a finite set of pages in the Death note. :thinking: