Death and Rebirth

In two weeks I’ll begin my universities studies and I’ll be away from home for the first time. In all the chaos and great experiences that may await me, I’m decided to continue my journey for Japanese and start new ones for all I’m eager to learn and understand. And so, without really being prompted by these changes, I’ve graduated from Wanikani on the 29th of July, 492 days since the start.

Wanikani is the foremost reason that allowed me to read Japanese and one of the cornerstones of my continued Japanese learning. For that, I’m greatly thankful to the Tofugu team and the Wanikani community.

May we meet again at the great party that will ensue when we all become enlightened, presided by His Holyness, the Cabrigator. ( ̄^ ̄ゞ




Congrats on making to 60! The Crabigator is pleased! :crocodile::crab:

Good luck also with university!


Big congrats on making it to the top! :partying_face: :tada:

Cake time!


congrats! and good luck with your studies.

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Congratulations! :cake: :crabigator:

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Congratulations! Finishing all levels of WK before starting college is a great achievement, kudos on being ahead of the curve.
Are you planning to take any Japanese courses at college? Depending on how much else you did outside of WK you’d probably be miles ahead of your contemporaries. :joy:

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Well done you!

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And I’m back to level 1 :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’m not sure yet. I’ll try the placement test and see where that gets me!