Dear Crabigator why do you hate us?


…why Cabrigator?.. WHY???


I want to trust you but getting repeatedly stabbed in the back like this is not how you make friends!!

Well, I guess that I will stay here for another 2 days :’)


Maybe you’re the one who wasn’t up to our Lord’s demands. He asked you for 90% and you gave him 89.

Never expect our Lord the Cabrigator to go easy on you.


b-but I tried my best



You are not alone


It seems that is nothing personal.


Indeed. He hates us all equally. I expected nothing less from our Lord!!


The Crabigator not requiring 100% means he is indeed merciful.


This post is too relatable




@rumade hmmm… it does make sense…


So… I just did a bunch of reviews and I had 1 kanji that I was able to guru :’) meaning that I leveled up and won’t be needing to wait for those 2 extra days :’) It was a single kanji from level 12 hidden in the middle of a lot of stuff :’)

Thank you, my Lord, for giving me a second chance!! I won’t disappoint you ever again!!


I cry and he still hurts me. I wake up in the morning to practice kanji for his sick games. Its gotten to the point where anytime I see kanji, I am physically repulsed and vomit profusely. I hate Kanji and I want them to die. For this to happen we must cut the serpent’s head off: Koichi.
I blame him for all my suffering and I will dole it back to him a thousand fold. This is a man who loves Kanji and the suffering it entails so much, that he has attempted to bring back ancient Manyogana to increase suffering. His days of kanji torture are numbered, along with the days of Japan. I will sink the island in my tears. When Koichi and Japan finally fall; only then will I accept death. Prepare yourself, Koichi. Your lame Kendo Nerd skills won’t save you from my pure sadness energy.
I’m gonna go review some more now. I needed to rant.


A puppy will help. A puppy helps everything.