Ddduuuhhh can't do spice... can't do spice

香辛料… Can’t do spice… Can’t do spice…



… It’s SPICES!!!




OK 牧場!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!


awesome!! this is awesome!!!

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Lol…I sweat when I eat spicy food…and I love it!

I don’t understand people who say “I don’t eat spice” and “butter chicken is spicy” :joy:

BTW… did you say “OK FARM !!!” at the end?

This is the best thread.

Are you from planet Caladan?

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Yes…? :thinking: …Yes!

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Ah dude… I love spicy food.

At CoCo Curry in Japan I’d hit that level 10 curry all the time.

But yeah It’s okay Bokujou.

There was a professional boxer named “Guts Ishimatsu”. After he retired from boxing and made his debut in the entertainment industry, he started to use “ok corral”. It was a very popular joke back in his time. I think it would be maybe 70s?

I use it with my Japanese business partner a lot kind of as a funny way to say “Ok”.

Ok, you like spice then…



What is this thread? :rofl:

If you type in spice for 香辛料… it’s wrong.

It’s SpIcEs!!!

Is this the Alcoholic Anonymous thread? :japanese_goblin:

Nah I did that the other day. Had a hangover that was something awful…

But magnesium and liposome vitamin C helps knock it out pretty quickly…

Vitamin C is a magical thing.

Check out Thomas E Levy.

Dude is the Vitamin C King of the internet.

You’re welcome WaniKani.

OK 牧場

Also I love me some Rooster Sause bro!

Put that on everything. Literally.

:joy:what is rooster sauce?

Oh Jeez…how come I haven’t seen you in any of the other forums good sir?

Rooster sauce bro!!

And I’m not a super forum dood… it happens when it happens!

It’s a glorious time for all when it happens though!


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