Database and data tracking


Anyone know what kind of database WK uses and what kind of data is collected for analytics? As a DBA/data analyst, I’m just curious what kind of data WK tracks and uses (or will use) to enhance the learning experience. @koichi maybe if you’d like to chime in with whatever Tofugu is willing to release?


I guess calling for @viet would be more effective, as he’s in charge for this kind of stuff. But as a Data Analyst, I’m pretty sure you can try to guess most of what they track and could use :wink:


Thanks! I can guess some of the stuff, but only based on what’s already being used. Learning more about what they’re tracking but aren’t yet using gives clues on to what they’re considering as improvements or enhancements (which is often more fun to speculate on than actualize!).


I’d love if they were tracking incorrect guesses to see a) which cards people have problems with and b) which cards could probably do with better chosen definitions/more synonyms.

I also kind of wonder if the % of people accidentally entering the reading as the definition decreases much with experience…


You know, the % thing is interesting to me too… I feel like I didn’t make that mistake much in the first couple levels, but since I started seeing a lot more kanji and vocab, I’ve definitely been making it more often. WK seems to have some mechanism for recovering from uncommon mistakes though, like if you miss one after getting it 3 times in a row and then get it right once or twice again, I’ve had it promote the kanji up from guru. It would be interesting to get a peak at their algorithm…


we got some 'dem sweet analytics


You tease us so!


It looks like they’re using New Relic for managing their analytics. As a developer, Wrappalyzer is a really useful Chrome extension. It checks out the page’s source to see what technologies a site is using for their stack!


New Relic is more for hardware and application performance monitoring and alerting, so it’s analytics, but maybe not the kind we’re looking for. :confused:

Edit: That does hint that theyre likely running on a cloud provider though, AWS for example.

They’re using Ruby on Rails, @koichi did you guys send any devs to Rails conf this year?


Ahh gotcha. Not familiar with New Relic myself. Interesting~

All the Tofugu sites are so well-developed. I’d love to hear about the technical aspects of developing them!


They’re really pretty sites for sure. I’m wondering why community has so many JS frameworks though…

Edit: @Quixotism nice find on this web tech crawler, I love that it’s all online, no client or plugin install.


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