Data download


Is there a way to download all data of my account?


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Yes. Under your profile, under preferences you’ll find this:



Thanks for your answer. But I meant all the data from Wanikani not the community forums.

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This might be related to your question:

To comply with the GDPR in the EU, they must also provide you with all the personal data that they store if requested. Since I don’t see an easy option to export it, I’d just send them an e-mail about it and they’d need to get back to you within a month

While you could probably get your data through the API that @trunklayer posted, this is obviously not really an easy solution. WaniKani should just provide you with a zip file that contains all your data or something similar


Ah, well in that case, the best way i know of is through the Item Inspector script.

You can export your data in a variety of ways. For example to make your own anki cards for your leeches and other things. But, yeah, you can also export all the items. Though, by all items I here means all that you’ve got access to through your API key, not all of items on WK. Why I say that, is because some people take a lot of time to do all lessons on lv 60 and I just don’t know if you’ve done all lessons yet. :slight_smile: