Daisoujou's Study Log - 🤷

Things are still going! I’m approaching the end of 999, still debating if I want to follow a potential spinoff club into the next game. I kind of want to do it, but also want to clear more time for new things… will have to decide when the time comes. 9-Nine- is nearly done with its 3rd entry (of 4) so the home stretch is starting to be visible there too. Just a couple stories left in 10 Nights of Dreams, could finish Ghost Trick in a few days – it’s about time for a lot of what I’m doing to shift again! Great to have a growing list of things I’ve successfully read in Japanese. Well, a hypothetical one. I keep remembering I should record all this to look back on then I never do it :sweat_smile:

Anki is good still, hitting ~100 reviews per day and it’s still very quick. Don’t think I’ll mind as it continues to grow. So far my accuracy is great, maybe I miss 5 or so a day, but we’ll see how hard I’m punished for my hubris when I actually have matures cause it’s still early. I wish I wasn’t feeling the need to mine so many words I either had trouble with in anki in the past or repped in WK then got to and went “what in the world is this?” but that’s life with SRS, eh? Not everything is gonna lock in tightly. Just makes me want to do even more practice reading… but that’s gonna be a function of slowly ramping up my speed when I can, not spending even more time on it.

Presumably people have seen, but I made that film club! Super excited to see what gets picked and get that underway, and I’m glad the reception has been pretty good. I hope I can hang in there for picks without JP subs; listening is still sketchy. Just have to keep telling myself that’s what this is for, but my tolerance for missing stuff in movies has been so much lower up to this point.