Daily Schedule For Consistency and Retention: Exactly 14 days per level and about 10 lessons per day

That’s right. This works well for the later levels since the number of radicals per level is less than 10.

But… since the number of radicals is much bigger in levels 1-10 (34 in Level 2! 33 in Level 4!!!), I think most people will want to break the radical lessons up into multiple days. So then the level would probably take longer than 2 weeks. But that’s completely okay! Because establishing the habit is most important at the beginning. Later on the schedule will align easier.

Once the radicals per level are 10 or less, on Friday I would just stop after learning all the radicals. Usually, since the lessons are in batches of 5 (by default, but you can change this in settings), a handful of kanji might appear in the lessons so I just do those because it doesn’t hurt.

And then when the second set of kanji opens up on Tuesday, the second set of kanji is generally less than 10 (at least as far back as I can remember), so you can do all the new kanji lessons.

Fortunately this schedule works even if you make mistakes. I certainly make plenty of mistakes. With regard to how the mistakes affect the schedule, there’s a lot of little details. Here are a few:

  • Each radical that you guru unlocks 1 or more kanji in the second set. So you can make mistakes on radicals.
  • In the first set of kanji, because they don’t unlock anything, you can make mistakes and you’ll have time to review them again without slipping the schedule.
  • In the second set of kanji, because in most levels you need to guru a certain number of these, you can makes mistakes on a few. (“Fast” levels are the exception but they don’t appear until you’re above level 40)
  • But here’s the simple rule: to level up, for the number kanji that are in the level, you must guru that number minus 3. So if there are 33 kanji in the level, you must guru 30 of them to level up.
  • That means that once you start the second set of kanji on Tuesday, you can make mistakes on 3 kanji and still level up on Saturday.

But overall, even if mistakes push back the day that you level up, the 2 weeks schedule has plenty of extra days between when you level up and when you start the radicals for the new level. So as long as you keep doing the remaining vocabulary in 10 lessons per day, it should be possible to stay on schedule.

Last point though: it’s more important to stick with the 10 lessons per day habit than to force the schedule to align with the 2 weeks. In fact, if someone were to ask “What’s the simplest schedule to stay consistent with WaniKani?” My answer would be:

  • Just do 10 lessons per day every day.
  • Do all of your reviews every day.
  • But if the number of reviews becomes too many, then take a break from lessons until the number of reviews per day is manageable again.
  • Then continue this until you’ve gone through all the levels.
  • And don’t worry about how long it takes.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll know what to do when I reach the higher levels now.

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