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I learn Japanese the wrong way round obviously and finally managed to find Yomichan.
Now it seems you can import dictionaries from electronic dictionaries. Did someone do this actually?

from the Yomichan webpage:

Custom Dictionaries

Yomichan supports the use of custom dictionaries, including the esoteric but popular EPWING format. They were often utilized in portable electronic dictionaries similar to the ones pictured below. These dictionaries are often sought after by language learners for their correctness and excellent coverage of the Japanese language.

Unfortunately, as most of the dictionaries released in this format are proprietary, they are unable to be bundled with Yomichan. Instead, you will need to procure these dictionaries yourself and import them using Yomichan Import. Check the project page for additional details.

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Yeah you can just click through to the link and download them.

I installed all 5 for English.

Edit: Sorry, I misread that. :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I’d check the support sites for those and see if they have downloadable versions if that’s what you want. But I’d bet most of them are packaged in some weird container format for updates.


I don’t even know how to connect it to a computer…
Starting from cero so to speak.

Google [tatsumoto yomichan dictionary]. On the site you will find some “creative” sources for some files you can import into your yomichan if they are to your liking.
You can waste quite some time on that setup so going with something basic first and seeing how you like it is probably the way to go.


Yeah I wouldn’t even bother with the device ones. The ones I downloaded from the site work just fine.

Were you having problems importing them?

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Not really, but I can’t get Yomichan to work :joy: This is super embarrassing.

SHIFT! This is fantastic :heart_eyes:

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Looks like you figured it out. :smiley::+1:

Honestly I love it and wish I had it on my ereader.


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