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Welcome to ふらいんぐうぃっち ・ Flying Witch

We’re reading this as the Beginner Book Club!

We started volume 2 on the 15th of February

Not sure if this book is for you? Check out the sample pages in the Nomination Post - remember that your fellow book club members will be here to help you out though :wink: you can see what we thought of volume 1 in this poll.

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Discussion Threads & Reading Schedules

Volume 1
Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 October 19th Chapter 1 - 6年振りの不思議 3 - 19 17
Week 2 October 26th Chapter 1 - 6年振りの不思議 20 - 35 16
Week 3 November 2nd Chapter 2 - 道草は万能薬 37 - 61 25
Week 4 November 9th Chapter 3 - 国鳥は鳴き止まない 63 - 85 23
Week 5 November 16th Chapter 4 - 使い魔の活用法 87 - 109 23
Week 6 November 23rd Chapter 5 - 魔女への訪問者 111 - 133 23
Week 7 November 30th Chapter 6 - 魔術講座 135 - 158 24

Volume 2
Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 February 15th Chapter 7 - 夢と道端の幸せ 3 - 26 24
Week 2 February 22nd Chapter 8 - 桜の中の占い師 29 - 55 27
Week 3 February 29th Chapter 9 - 犬魔女と姉魔女 57 - 84 28
Week 4 March 7th Chapter 10 - 千夏の決意 85 - 107 23
Week 5 March 14th Chapter 11 - おかしなおかし 109 - 132 24
Week 6 March 21st Chapter 12 - 春の山 133 - 156 24

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Are you planning to read ふらいんぐうぃっち with us?

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Volume 2 Membership



Flying Witch has six chapters which are each around 23 pages long. I think we should follow an overall schedule of one chapter per week, but the first chapter is substantially longer (as they often are) at 33 pages. We do often start out with a slower pace to help people ease in anyway.

How long do you think we should spend on the first chapter?

  • One week
  • Two weeks

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If you’re joining us for this book, which version are you planning to read?

  • Physical
  • eBook

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This will be my first “book” with the BBC. I’m excited but also scared when looking at the weekly amount. I should be able to do it, I’m just not sure how much else I can read at the same time. ^^


I’m gonna be in Japan until the 28th of October. Tempted to take the book with me in my luggage (ooooor buy it when I get there? :stuck_out_tongue:) but I feel reasonably confident I’d never find time to actually do the reading. Maybe on the plane? With no internet…


I reckon you could get through the first chapter without a dictionary :wink: even if there were some words you weren’t sure of…


I’m not participating in this book club or anything, but I must say…

Somehow it’s really hard to read hiragana when it’s used for loan words. It took me a while to figure out that title.


Yeah, what’s a ぐうぃっち anyway?


Like, a fried Koichi or something


The link to CDJapan appears to be broken. I think is the correct link. Though, this time I’m not planning on buying from there, since 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 is sold out there.

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I have an offline dictionary on my phone, that makes reading while flying a neat thing to do.

Or is there something else you’d need internet for? :eyes:


Book delivery is imminent.


Oooh, thanks for catching that. I already have it so didn’t notice… I hate it when they don’t have a picture :confused: guess there’s not a lot else it could be though…

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If you want to include it in the buying section, there are a few used listings on Amazon US advertising delivery before October 19 that are cheaper than buying new+global priority shipping from Amazon JP.


Oh cool. Even though it’s not the absolute beginner book club I’ll join anyway. Got the ebook awhile ago and read a few pages. This should give me some more motivation to read more as I wanted to (and as is suggested by a lot of people). :smiley:
I might not be able to keep up, but shouldn’t be too bad.


I’m up to date on all of the English and Japanese volumes so I’ll gladly join this one! It’s also fairly frequently up for free on Bookwalker so I’ll keep an eye out for that~


I’d need internet to join in the discussion here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, this seems fairly decisive so we’re going for two weeks on chapter 1.

I think this is going to be one of the easiest manga we’ve tried, so a good opportunity for anyone looking to step up to this book club :wink:


:broom: 「 ふらいんぐうぃっち」… does anyone know how close the manga and anime are to each other?

Suuuuper close, but some of the chapters are in different orders. I don’t think the first volume includes any chapters which don’t appear in the anime though :thinking: want me to check?


No, no. You do enough, I don’t want to give you more work. I was just remembering the first two episodes of the anime (all that I watched) and wondering what to expect.