Curiousity: The number of kanji you need to pass to level up is less than the kanji introduced in that level

I’m only early on in level 11, but something I’ve been noticing is that the number of kanji I need to pass to go to the next level has always (so far) been less than the number of kanji that are introduced at that level. For example, in Level 11 there are 39 kanji. However, I only need to pass 36 to go to level 12. I’m just curious as to why that is. It seems like that would mean you could easily outpace your progress if you are struggling with a few kanji in an earlier level. You’d need to pass those to unlock the related vocabulary and meanwhile you are seeing lessons referring back to those ones you haven’t unlocked yet.
Just wondering why it is set up that way?


I too have wondered about this…

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Because otherwise you can easily spend months on a particular level only because of 1 or 2 kanji that you keep forgetting. This gets frustrating really quick, especially for people who have a target of learning a certain number of kanji before a language test.

A strict and unforgiving system is not suited for learning anything.


(Except for one’s own inadequacy – don’t forget about that!)

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For me, the current system also disincentivizes marking questions as correct, where I should have let it stay incorrect. “If i don’t override this mistake, I won’t level up!” - having a few kanji as a buffer feels right!


creating a monument in your own back yards will fix this.

No Obelisk will talk back to you!

To be precise, it’s 90% of the kanji.


If we needed to pass every single kanji to level up I would still be on level four


It makes levelling up faster. It’d be really frustrating if you were trying to complete a certain number of levels before Jlpt and could not level up because you keep forgetting a few kanji. Imagine you are being taught a subject in school and the teacher said the pass mark was 100%. Needing to get every kanji right would feel similar. Try getting to to mid lv 20’s and see if you still feel like saying these things.

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