Curious UI - Why are some radicals a different colour?

Some of my radicals are white, some are black (I’m in dark mode if that matters).

When I hover over white ones they also glow. I cannot for the life of me figure out why :sweat_smile:

Is it just because these characters are coming from two different sources?

A few radicals are pictures, so that would be why. They are normally all white when you’re not using an extension to get a dark mode mod.


The ones that are pictures cannot be represented with text, so they hired someone to do vector files for all of them.


Glad to know there isn’t some deeper meaning. I had to ask so that I wouldn’t keep wondering :slight_smile:


Maybe the originals are vector files, but the UI uses PNGs. If they were SVGs, themes could color via CSS.

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You could invert the image like this.

.radical-image {
    filter: invert(100%);

Just referencing what I could recall of when they made the job offer.

I guess that’s a good enough approximation, but I’m not sure if the current set of filters allows to fully re-create something like rgb(35, 38, 41).

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