Ctrl+F doesn't work after answering a review

After answering a review, the F key is captured for expanding and collapsing the information section. However, this has the side effect of Ctrl+F to open the browser search box not working. If possible, it would be better to avoid capturing Ctrl+F so this works.


Why do you need to Ctrl+F on the review page?

Probably to quickly find some concrete information about the answered item, especially if you have a script that provides even more content in the information section.


Are you telling me you need search functionality to look through 2, maybe 3 lines of text? Unless it embeds half a wikipedia page in your reviews, I don’t see the point.

Well, there is quite a bit of information even in vanilla WK contents, not everyone looks only at the mnemonic description.

Also, search works as a highlighter and an automatic scroll to function. Why bother reading those “2-3 lines” if you know what you’re looking for?
Not to mention that the unintentional capture of CTRL+F is a dead clear defect.

Note: I am only advocating for why it could be used, the vimium extension I use bypasses the problem mentioned above.

No, there really isn’t.

Why bother reading those “2-3 lines” if you know what you’re looking for?

Well shit, if only the review page had some kind of organisation and perhaps section headings, so you could navigate the absolute mountain of information that it contains.

You’re getting close to on what the highlighting and auto-scroll can be consistently used on.
For vanilla, the biggest of interest is the highlighting, hitting up that search and having a bright object which shows where your gaze should focus:

Especially of interest for ADHD people, this applies even more so for extended content.

Why spend 2 seconds and mental energy instead of a 1 sec task conveyed through muscle-memory, especially when fixing this bug is what, like 5-10 minutes of work?

@seanblue, FYI, F3 also works as a search function.

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Sometimes I don’t want to read the entire context sentence and I want to search for the specific vocabulary word instead. It’s also good practice not to override system/browser functionality so that people can work however they want, regardless of reason.


@Rincewind while I use neither function myself, I have EDICT as an add-on on WaniKani Mobile, and many items have 9 definitions. Some even have as many as 12! So for the people using dictionary scripts, and maybe things like user/community mnemonics, and their own notes as well, I can see how the info page in the reviews can easily get very busy.

Different people study differently.

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I’m still unconvinced. It’s like you guys are trying to find problems to fit the solution. I don’t see anyone doing any of the things listed in this thread. I’ll concede that seanblue gave a good enough reason, that of overriding browser functionality being bad practice.

Oh yeah. I was just pointing that out. (This doesn’t really matter to me, I just felt your initial reaction was a bit strong, especially your comment about only 2-3 lines.)

*shrugs* Meh.

EDIT: Although I do think @SebasHollow’s point about people with ADHD needing to focus better is an interesting and valid one. I can see how that could be a concern.
Anyway, I probably should duck out of here, and let the people who actually care weigh in on this.

And I totally agree with this.

@viet Any thoughts on this?

Sorry for the delay.

I am a believer we shouldn’t override the main application’s shortcuts.

We will look into this and see how we can address it.


@viet Any update on this?

If I’m understand this issue (@seanblue?), I think it’s just a matter of checking if any control keys are active when the key event occurs, and if so, return ‘true’ from the handler to indicate that you didn’t handle the key. The browser should then take its default action.

I believe it would be something along those lines, yeah.

I’m diving into this one. Hopefully it’s quick, but I want to make sure we handle all the modifier keys (and be all cross-platform and such). I’ll let y’all know when we’ve got the fix going live.

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And it’s live! Enjoy being able to use control-alt-command-shift-f to accomplish some native keyboard shortcut magic. :smile:

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In my lesson quiz, F, J, and Enter aren’t doing anything. I haven’t done reviews yet, but this could be related.

EDIT: WaniKani shortcuts don’t work in reviews either.

On an old IBM keyboard, where/what is the “command” key? I have CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F …

I only know of COMMAND on Macs (the APPLE key that took over for CTRL, but then newer Macs have APPLE and CTRL…)

EDIT: Solved… Apparently it’s the weird “Windows” key (which I don’t have on any of my keyboards) and I have no idea what it does. XD Just like I don’t understand CTRL on a Mac. XD (@seanblue )