Creating synonym or not?

Hello, I got this mistake today. For 出社 I said it meant “leave for work”. I have the feeling I “kind of” knew what it meant, but not exactly. The thing is that the 出 guided me in the direction of “leaving”. However, if I look up how to say leave for work I get 出張る as a more suitable candidate, which indeed seems I am slightly off. I certainly understood it does not mean “leaving work” but I interpreted it a bit more like “leaving (home) and going to work”

However, it can also be that 出社 is simply a very broad term and it can also mean “to go to work” (e.g. leaving somewhere to arrive at work)… But I am not sure if I should add the synonym or not.

What do you think?


I say create a synonym. A lot of words can have slightly different meanings in various contextes and it is impossible for WK to cover all of that. I believe your understanding of 出社 is perfectly fine. If you were to encounter it in the wild, I’m sure, you’ll understand the meaning correctly.
As you grow your vocab and kanji knowledge it will become less about the literal translations provided by WK and more about understanding words in context.


質問に答えてくれてありがとうございました! :pray:


Maybe it’s just me, but when I “understand” words intellectually I tend to get things wrong. It’s when I can do it by…feeling(?) after some experience that I really get it and it sticks. :slight_smile:

You’ll likely encounter more of these vocab in the future. I think for any vocab where the meaning is a phrase in English, I start thinking of alternative ways of saying the exact same thing, but using different words. Because, frankly, a phrase just doesn’t stick with me. (especially not in a non-native language like English)

I remember the meaning - not the exact wording. ^^’