Creating a topic due to Checklist?

As mentioned, posting this to clear the checklist.

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FYI, the checklist won’t change from posting. It used to, but then they changed the forum platform and now it’s no longer connected to the main site. The whole thing disappears on its own.

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Thanks Leebo. I was wondering about that… I’ve been limited to the first 26 radicals… Is this normal? It’s been a day or two now…

Yeah, that’s how the system works. I would recommend reading the FAQ and Guide. You can only unlock new items by reaching a certain level with the items that come before them.

If you do all of your reviews at the first available moment, then it takes about a day and a half to start unlocking kanji, but most people sleep and work and whatnot, and thus don’t hit those marks exactly.

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Gotcha. Yeah, I just opened them up - my bad. I initially just thought it was glitched up or something.

It may have just felt a bit too slow, but I’ll bite.

If it’s by design, then I’ll try to set an alarm or something… I’m now guessing that the system, by design, will be limiting on how fast I go through these. Any ideas?

Yes, there is a limit to how fast you can go. Wishing to go faster during the first 5 to 10 levels is a common thing, but the creator of the website feels the pace is one of the integral pieces of the site, so it is unlikely to change substantially (though the pace was sped up a bit since I joined the site 2 years ago).

The first two levels are actually faster than other levels, you can fully complete both (i.e. reach level 3) in less than a week.

For most other levels, the minimum level up time is 6 days 20 hours. However, matching this pace is something almost no one achieves, and it becomes incredibly grueling once you reach the teens and 20’s, due to the high amount of low level items returning for review.

So, yes, many people feel that the pace is slow early on, but very few people maintain the maximum speed of the site for very long.

Crap. So, you’re saying, it will most likely take me longer when I slip up on the reviews? :cry:

By “slip up” you mean, when you don’t do them immediately?

Yes, and no. Not all reviews are time sensitive. For instance, vocab items never impact leveling up, so waiting to do them affects nothing.

But radicals and the initial kanji in a level are the items that most affect your level up speed.

If you only make sure to get those on time, you’ll stay pretty close to the maximum speed.

Yeah. I installed a chrome plugin that notifies you when your reviews are ready. However, I thought that if I didn’t do them right away, and the next review came, then it would just have you do twice the amount of reviews of the same characters.

Gotcha. I just wanted to learn these as fast as possible. However, I can see the potential in this. Having a system be based on a semi-fixed reoccuring schedule, such as the one you see in Destiny (ivideo game), can add to the way one levels up (gradually).

Slow and steady wins the race?

Yeah, no it’s just that reviews continue to sit in your queue and not level up if you don’t do them on time.

As I alluded to before, the beginning is thought of as slow, often because people usually already have some kanji knowledge when they start, but I think in the grand scheme of things the max speed (which allows you to reach level 60, but not “burn” all items, within a year) is quite fast for 2000+ kanji and 6000+ vocab.

But yeah, steady wins the race in any case.


I don’t know any Japanese. So, I will see how this goes.

Again, many thanks. :wink:

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