Create should not be accepted for 増

I keep mixing up and , partly because their pronunciations are similar, and I think partly because WK accepts “create” for 増 (because it’s only 3 letters away from “increase”).

Seems like create should be on the blacklist for 増. I know I can add my own synonyms; can I add my own blacklist entries?

In general, it seems like if I put in an answer that’s not exactly one of the accepted synonyms, it should be rejected if it has a lower edit distance to a meaning for a different item. This would solve the raise/rise problem, the 1000/10000 problem, etc.

You should tag @moderators to get their attention on this.

In the meantime you can use [Userscript] Prevent "Your answer was a bit off" answers from being accepted a.k.a. "Close But No Cigar". I think [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) also allows you to disable “close enough” answers completely.


similar to this thread about typos wanikani has accepted

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Thanks for letting us know about this, I’ve just had a look and strangely ‘Create’ is not currently accepted for 増. I’ve added it to the blacklist to be safe but it is strange that it was accepted when you tried it. I’ve also added ‘Increase’ to the blacklist for 創 for good measure.

Like others have said, you can either tag us or use the ‘Worst typos’ thread if you have any more of these, or you can always reach out to us by email at

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Ah, I must have misremembered which direction it was. Thanks for fixing it in both directions!

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