Crabsmas riddle? Durtle Heaven finally near?

Not much yet! I expect we’ll need to wait for the “membership processing” in order to see what comes next, and it probably won’t happen over the weekend!

You can read the first post, all that happened so far is written there.


Was the first post made into a wiki? I can’t seem to figure out how to add to it, or I would…

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There should be a edit button somewhere on the bottom right of it.


Odd, I must not have the right permissions?

EDIT: I’ll send off an e-mail, see if the staff know any better.

You need this badge:

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And I do, which is why I’m confused… Must be some sort of discourse bug I hope the team can sort out.

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No, that’s not right. @Eearslya needs this badge:


The descriptions are wrong then? Wiki editing is listed for Basic.

Yes, we have had that issue in the Olympians thread:

The basic badge description doesn’t fit all :thinking: That’s weird.


I put down something about spending time not durtling around every day, which I though used to be part of the text in the “Crabigatorism & You!” section, but after rereading it, I’m wondering if I imagined it? Or maybe I read it somewhere else and it got mixed around in my brain :sweat_smile:

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I believe it’s on this: page

Also, the entrance to Hell is the only page that can scroll IIRC, any relevance? @Eearslya


In case anyone is wondering, I found that if I added .com to the end of, I couldn’t see what happened next because my employer blocked the webpage with their content filter.

That may or may not be meaningful.


Nah, it’s just that “church(dot)com” is a domain that’s for sale by one of those less-than-scrupulous domain sellers.


If anyone is looking for that evil hell strawberry for research here is the gif taken from the site code:

The gif is 263x243 pixels (width x height)

The bottom 2 arms come out at the same time on frame 16 out of 33, the top 2 come out on frame 19.
on frame 24 the hand forms on the bottom right arm (from spawn to extension it was a stump), it has 4 fingers.

Strawbo has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 19 dots on its face (or 20, a dot appears for 1 frame, on frames 13 and 15, the dot does not exist on frame 14, frames before 13 and frames after 15), and 20 teeth

Strawbo waves its bottom arms 6 times (up, down), starts in down position, and waves its upper arms 4 times (down, up), starts in up position

I think that’s everything, if there’s something I’ve missed please feel free to let me know and I’ll look into it!


Some of them don’t look like arms…


May just be looking into things too deeply still, but anyone reckon the file name of the strawberries matters? Does “strawbo” ring any bells, or is it just a silly name?

The name kinda reminds me of Danbo, the cardboard robot from Yotsuba, but there’s no particular visual resemblance between them.


All of the pages “can” scroll, it’s just a matter of which pages have enough content to require scrolling. Most of them are pretty small.


Finally got a break from schoolwork and filled out the application! Sending it tomorrow, should hopefully reach them by the end of the week since I’m in the US.