Crabsmas riddle? Durtle Heaven finally near?

I circled 3 and included a note about being asked not to circle a number greater than 3.

So did I :smile:


Koichi doesn’t know anything because… well… I don’t think we ever rescued him from Durtle Heaven…



Is it just me, or does anyone else think that that “Application 1 of UNDEFINED received” line is weird? In the source code, the UNDEFINED is written there, by hand, so it isn’t actually an undefined variable. Seems like they just want us to think that it is.


Instead of mailing, I think faxing would have connected with Japanese culture best. This application is one of silliest things I’ve ever seen.

BTW, how did people respond to the hell essay? I thought this might be an opportunity to write down all WK leeches for self-administered suffering.


I just put a bunch of scribbles that didn’t mean anything, followed by badly hand drawn emojis.


Considering the design of the rest of the page I would say no, it’s not weird in the slightest


Even if it really had a meaning, our side would still just show the plain text output. Variables are processed on the server.
But I also think it kinda fits in, considering the look of the whole webpage.

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I actually did an essay, although a bad one at that. Somehow I managed to insert Mrs. Chou in that essay :thinking: I wonder what the ramifications of that are :thinking:

Mine is similar. The essay is legible but it does not make much sense! :sweat_smile:


Has anyone found anything on the movie vocab? I’m just thinking it says to go back to the “national treasure movies,” so there may be something there. Found nothing myself.

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I’ve seen that, but I don’t think that can be it. I mean, it might be and I’m just overthinking things, but…

I don’t think there is any content on the site that needs to be dynamically generated at request time. It’s pretty much a static site.

It could be he’s using a static site generator, though, like Jekyll or Nanoc, which could have a variable that didn’t resolve. Typically though, that just doesn’t insert anything; it wouldn’t literally say UNDEFINED. I think we can assume he wrote that in by hand on purpose.


I sorta figured they said UNDEFINED because they weren’t sure how many applications they’d be receiving, but it probably has some more elaborate meaning than that given everything from last year’s riddle


Ah, this one!

When did they add it, though? I don’t see it documented in the Content Updates topic.


I think that was the first time it was noticed, 5 days ago.


Thanks! I missed some posts at the beginning of the thread.

Even though I’m typically just an observer to the happenings of the crabigator church, I finally sent my application today. Although considering everyone’s distances it might reach them earlier than others since I live in the states. If anything else I’ll faithfully report back on all correspondences. o.ob


Same here. I even shelled out for certified delivery with return notification just to make sure my application gets in. :crabigator:


I sent mine with tracking and stuff…kinda by accident? :smile: When I went to the post office, I couldn’t find any normal envelopes, so I ended up using one of the USPS flat rate envelopes…Which got my application to Portland the very next day.


Can someone update me on the current status of the church and the riddle and all the mailing? Pliz!