Counting 首 poems or songs

I had a relatively short question for using the counter 首 for poems or songs:

How do you spell the counting in Romaji / speak them?
八首 → はっしゅ or はちしゅ or しちしゅ?
一首 → いっしゅ or いちしゅ?

And does this count every time? Like also for 11, 21, 31, 18, 28, 38…? Are there also other “special” spellings like some counters have with 4 or 9?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I know from 百人一首 that いっしゅ is the reading there. I’ll have to check on other ones.

Thanks for the help, I kinda assumed that this would be the correct one. For 8 I assume it is はっしゅ but am not 100% certain. Where do you look that up btw?

Vocal synthesizer for 8首 is はっしゅ

Use “Kyoko” voice, and type in a number.

I don’t know how accurate is this one but the listening seems to be はっしゅ even though はちしゅ is shown.

The word seems not to be on Pronunciations for 8首 btw.

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It’s はっしゅ

Need more characters.

That’s a pretty cool synthesizer :slight_smile:

Thanks also Syphus for the help.

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