"Counter" Vocabulary Request

If possible, I would like to request that when prompted with a “counter” vocabulary, i.e. “~冊”, “~軒” both formats for meaning answers be universally accepted. In other words “counter for x” and “x counter” both be acceptable answers. The semantics don’t seem worth getting one wrong every now and then because you can’t remember if WK likes to call it the “counter for small animals” or the “small animal counter.”


I just went through the list of counters and I could only find three that were missing both formats, which were 〜畳 (vocab), 隻 and 軒 (kanjis). I have gone and made the changes, let me know if you are still encountering issues with them or if you find any other ones.




There’s also 〜拍 whose word type is counter but doesn’t actually accept any answer containing “counter” - is that intentional?


Thanks for pointing this one out! I’m not too sure about this one so I’ll consult with the content team.

Update: ‘counter for beats’ and ‘beats counter’ are now accepted meanings for 〜拍


Thank you!

The kanji for 杯 doesn’t take “cup counter” for an answer, only “counter for cops”. I had the lesson for that one just about yesterday and it’s the first time typing “x counter” has tripped me up, so this thread comes at an ironically good time.

Sorry to suggest you more work after already doing some fixes. I’ve already added it as a synonym, so it doesn’t matter for me anymore, but it might trip others up the first time like it did for me.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve now added “Cup Counter” to the allow list for the kanji 杯. And no need to apologise for suggesting more work, that’s what I’m here for :slightly_smiling_face:


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