Counter meaning inconsistency

I wouldnt care if they went with one or the other, as long as they always went the same way. Its just frustrating that its so damn all over the place. I’ve talked before about not wanting to use an ignore script so I guess I just have to deal with it.

It might not be a bad idea to look at this. English is not my main language, so sometimes I have the correct translation concept in my head, but I enter a synonym that is not similar enough. Therefore, I deem it useful to have a userscript that allows me to redo a term. However, use it responsibly! I saw you don’t want to use an ignore script, but there are script that allow you to redo something rather than ignore, which in my opinion allows you to judge for yourself whether you should ignore the inconsistency between your answer and WK’s answer, or not.

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Nah, im a born cheater haha. Not really, but my anki reviewing is less consistent than my wk reviewing for a reason. It’s a bitch but I’ve come this far without a get out of jail free card and I sort of want to see how my review consistency is at level 60 with the raw WK experience.

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I might have found a script that can help you without allowing you to cheat. This script allows the user to add their own synonyms to the review words, so that you can add things like “step” to the “one step” vocabulary.

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