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Could not delete post for some reason so now it’s just this.

Carry on. :sweat_smile:


Woohoo! Excited for this; by the time I knew this was happening for Summer it was a bit too late for me.

How do you add your name to the list?


Is there any particular reason this is formatted differently from the previous reading challenges? I haven’t participated in them myself so I could be wrong, but I got the impression the old ones worked slightly differently (at least the first posts are pretty different) and were a bit less formal in terms of how people chose to track progress than how this looks.

That aside, just as a suggestion, it might make sense to have a public poll instead, and the post with the member list would need to be a wiki to be editable. It might also be nice to have a links to all the previous challenges like the other ones do.


I’ll get on editing it today!
This is my first time hosting a reading challenge so I appreciate the input.


I need to get some extra reading in. Not really had time since alot of time has gotten into WK, Kitsun and jp dramas. Guess I need to get some extra reading in (I’ve been thinking about that for a while).

I’ll start tomorrow (7th of September) and atleast get 30min in daily on Satori reader.

Good luck y’all.

How do I turn it into a wiki?

That’s a big reason why I am putting the word out so far ahead. I feel like I always miss out on the first day

I will have to admit that it is a bit weird as someone who is a regular in these challenges to have someone take over hosting them out of nowhere and without asking. The same person have hosted every challenge except the first one. Also these follow a very specific format.

That said, there is nothing wrong with starting your own reading challenge and having people join. But maybe not name it exactly like one hosted by someone else.


I’m sure no one would mind that another person hosts these threads, but I admit I’m a bit surprised that the thread is up this soon, and that altering its schedule wasn’t debated or agreed on in the other thread. While the season comes in before the thread starts, we’ve been starting them from the beginning of the month so it’s much easier to fit into everyone’s schedule, starting on day 1, and finishing two months later on day 30/31. The thread is up usually the week before that :slight_smile: .


Oh, I didn’t know that. ok NP ill take it down. Sorry, I’m not that used to the community space.


That is not what I meant exactly. This forum have room for multiple challenges. Just look at the number of book clubs and challenges from reading news every day, to listening every day, writing a sentence every day, etc.

So you can make this your own thing if you want. Or if you want to join the regular challenges, the thread should be up about a week before October starts as @rikaiwisdom mentioned. But feel free to join already (in the summer thread). Get to know us regulars when the thread is a bit calmer. (Trust me the first month of a new challenge, it is a challenge just to keep up with everyone reading! :smiley: )


thanks for the information! The was why I put one up so far ahead. I feel like I usually miss the start date. now that I know that the same person usually puts these up and that they start it a week prior ill take this one down. I guess I just got a bit ahead of myself. I am not used to making posts with polls and tables and what not. So ill leave it to those who do it best!


Thank you!


It’s all good! :slight_smile: As I mentioned, just because it’s easy to manage, the challenge always goes for two months, and one month of “rest” afterwards for people who need or want a break. You can assume that October and November will be the challenge period, and December being the off month. Then January and February again, with March off, and so on.

If you decide to join the other thread we’ll be happy to have you. Also feel free to use the summer one even if it “officially” ended, as there are still many of us who use it :wink: . Once October comes we swap to the new one, and so on.


Ok thanks for filling me in on how that all works. I didn’t realize that there was one person who mainly managed those.
And that makes sense to keep it that way. I had to look up a lot to organize just what I had (like the poll and table). Because I wasn’t sure what I was doing. So it’s sort of a relief. :sweat_smile:

I’ll see you over on the summer one!