Could we add a target=_blank on this link here?

Hey, so I was going through my lessons and I came upon this link to the Hot Rod scene where they are scattering the flyers around. Great movie and hilarious scene and great for remembering this. Only problem is that the anchor tag doesn’t have a target=“_blank” (opens a new window for the unfamiliar) on it so it uses the current window to link to Youtube. That resulted in it leaving wanikani and me losing all my progress on the lessons I was working on.

@anon20839864 any chance we can add that to the anchor tag so people in the future don’t lose their lesson progress and can enjoy the Hot Rod scene without reservations? Thanks!


You can click on the mouse scroll wheel to open a link in a new tab.


That’s still not that useful after the fact… I think it’s good design to choose the default behaviour of links that makes the most sense in the current situation (which losing your review progress kinda doesn’t)


I agree. I just never had this problem because I always click on links with my mouse wheel button (which is why I always have too many tabs open, but that’s another problem). The target blank thingy is still useful for people who use trackpad/tablet/スマホ.



Yeah, I usually right click and hit that open in a new tab button, but I wasn’t thinking and just clicked and then I was pissed (and then slightly mollified by the Hot Rod scene).

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Also Ctrl + click opens a new tab.

Also right click - open in a new tab/window

I got used to do it always like that because of the same issue you mention.


Yeah, agreed. I nearly always middle-click, but some links just shouldn’t be set up to allow problems like that to happen in the first place. It’s like having links that take someone away from a form they’re filling in without saving any of the information they’ve inputted T^T


Done. You may now click with no fear. :+1:

(Btw if you guys find any more links like this please let me know.)


I pretty much always middle-click on things by force of habit. Trouble is, doing that with many of the links here in Discourse just makes Firefox throw a tantrum instead. Something about popups.

I try not to pay attention whenever Firefox tells me how many tabs I have open. Sometimes I try to cull them - “look, either read it now or close it” - but after about three tabs I always hit one that I go “no, I’ve gotta read this one later” and stop.

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