Could Someone Please Explain What 埃株 means?

So, sometimes when I’m bored or want something new to learn, I’ll pick a random Japanese song I like and learn the words I don’t know.
A recent song I used was ハンディキャプ by まふまふ。
One of first lines is: 埃株っては And I cannot figure out what it means!
I can’t actually find it on Jisho or even Japanese online dictionaries, so it might be two words. :thinking: I know 埃 means dust, and 株 is stock, share, etc. So it doesn’t really make sense. Unless there’s some other meaning I don’t know.
I have asked on HiNative. Someone told me it meant “garbage” or “dust” and gave example sentences. However, when I asked for example sentences again, I was told it wasn’t a word, and that they didn’t know what it meant. The song does use the Kanto dialect, so maybe it has something to do with that?

Either way, can someone please explain this word/words to me!
Thank you so much in advance! :pray:

Here’s the song if you want to listen to it/want more context

I looked up the full Japanese lyrics and it was written with a different second kanji, it’s written as 埃っては

So I believe it’s actually 埃 (dust) + 被る (in て-form), meaning “covered in dust”


Ah, thank you! :grin:
I have no idea how I got the wrong kanji, that’s such a stupid mistake to make :rofl:

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Haha nooo it’s okay, it happens ^^ and no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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What an optimistic song.

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I like my songs with a bit of edge :ok_hand:

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